Ten Ways ObamaCare Will Raise Your Insurance Costs

1. No recisions or higher premiums for unhealthy policy holders — that cost spread to all.

2. Pre-existing conditions can buy for same price as healthy (i.e. how much medical care will young HIV positive patients need?) — that cost spread to all.

3. No high deductible health plans (the elite think this is bad) — that cost spread to purchaser.

4. It’s cheaper to pay fine and wait until you need insurance (generating a higher risk pool) — that cost spread to all.

5. Health plans being forced to cover more and rarer diseases (currently a cause for higher health insurance costs in some states) – that cost spread to all.

6. No lifetime caps on coverage — that cost spread to all.

7. Seniors without Medicare Advantage forced to buy Gap insurance — higher cost to seniors.

8. Increased number of Medicare and Medicaid patients with lower re-imbursement rates for doctors (causing doctors to cost shift to private plans) — higher costs for all.

9.  No lawsuit reform and 30MM new clients for lawyers patients for doctors leading to more lawsuits and higher doctors fees — that cost spread to all.

10.  Longer waits to see crowded and overburdened doctors and rationed care by medical reimbursement boards changing what can be reimbursed leading to rationed care — causing the highest cost of all — earlier fatalities than before Obamacare!