MSM Attacks on the Tea Party -- Week #2

We’re now into the second week of MSM attacks on the “racist, homophobic, hate-filled, angry white” Tea Party movement. This is different than last summer’s town halls.  Last summer it was only Democrat Leaders that were mis-characterizing concerned citizens as astro-turf, thugs, angry mobs, and haters.  Now we have the full force of the MSM being the foot soldiers in the Democrats strategy.

Clearly the intent is to keep this movement from growing.  They would like nothing better than to stigmatize this movement so that Independents, the key demographic that Democrats are worried about, will think twice about going to a Tea Party meeting. The purveyors of these attacks have no shame or integrity.  They never did — so why should they start now.

President Obama and the Democrats know that the 2010 elections are going to be everything and they will stop at nothing to win these elections.  This will be the dirtiest election cycle in our lifetimes.  Lies, pay-offs, threats, dirty tricks, and out-right bribes are nothing to what we could see this cycle.  We need to be resolute and fight (politically for all you left-wing loons) like we never have before.

The big question is will the MSM’s constant barrage win the Day.  If this were normal times, my head tells me, “yes it will”.  But these are not normal times.  The electorate is paying attention like never before.  My heart tells me that this strategy, like the one the Democrats tried last summer, will also back-fire and just fuel the movement with more passion and growth.  Any new anger that rises out of this will be directed at the obvious bias of the self-appointed elites deigned wise enough to tell us every day what we ought to be thinking.