We Need a Shadow Government (Sort of)

Great Britain has a tradition of what they call a shadow government.  The party out of power designates someone to “shadow” every significant cabinet officer in the government. This individual is charged with communicating the opposite point of view of the party out of power.  For example, one could say that the Cheney’s have been the “shadow Attorney General” as they are the most recognizable critic of Eric Holder’s disastrous policies.

With our political system, this position doesn’t have to be held by a single person — but we do need to have a conservative counter balance to every Administration spokesperson.  The main point I’m leading to is that as President Obama is about to embark on the great communication tour to propagandize how great this health care bill is, we need to have an effective tactic to counterbalance all the free air-space he will get in the MSM.  I suggest this void be filled by several individuals.  For example, the President is going to Iowa to give a speech on how wonderful this bill is.  I suggest that someone like Paul Ryan schedule a trip to Iowa on the same day and give a counter speech an hour after the President finishes at a nearby location.  The press will eat it up.  They love conflict. 

Maybe for the next speech, Mike Pence could give the Conservative rebuttal an hour after the President’s speech.  Just look at the visuals.  Republican leaders providing the balanced debate on how terrible the bill is would deprive this administration of the one-sided messaging they are counting on.

As a retired private sector senior manager, I can’t stress enough the importance of effective communication in order to achieve success.  However in politics, communicating is not enough.  You must have a tactic to insure that your message is heard.