Let's Take the Fight to the Local and State Level

While the battle to take back the House and the Senate is critical to stop Obama’s further expansion of Federal control over our life, let’s not overlook the importance of our local and state elections.  This is a Census year!  That means the legislatures that we elect this year will draw new Congressional boundaries for 2012.  We need conservative state legislators and governors to ensure that we will continue to pick up seats in 2012.

Another advantage of having a super majority of state legislatures in Republican control would be the calling of a Constitutional Convention.  It may take a Constitutional Convention to truly esconce our founder’s values into the Constitution by amending it.  In addition to repealing this healthcare monstrosity, a convention could:

1. Ensure that the 2nd amendment fully guarantees the right to bear arms to individuals, (not just militias).

2. Outlaw abortion

3. Eliminate unfunded mandates.

4. Restrict spending to a maximum percent of GDP.

5. Limit Congress’s ability to tax.


President Obama has done something no one thought possible a year ago — he united the majority of Americans against his socialistic policies.  Conservatives are ascending.  Let’s aim high!