The Healtcare Abortion Lie

The latest talking point spin from Democrats is, “Federal Dollars are not currently used to pay for abortions.  That will not change.  This legislation will not fund abortions.”  I must have heard this spin from at least 8 -10 Democrats over the last few days.  Let’s take a closer look at it.

What they are saying is very Clintonian (what the definition of “is” is).  Technically correct.  The Hyde amendment prohibits Federal money from being paid to reimburse doctors who perform abortions.  This is a limited application, but one that is accepted by a wide majority of the public.  The current health care legislation would NOT provide money directly to doctors that perform abortions.  It instead provides taxpayer money directly to insurance companies who provide subsidized insurance plans WITH abortion coverage to individuals who select them.  In other words, taxpayers are funding abortions, not directly, but through third parties.

The correct analogy to use is: 1) If I shoot someone, it’s murder; 2) if I pay someone else to shoot that person, it’s still murder plus conspiracy to commit murder.  It’s the same with this Clintonian parsing of what constitutes taxpayer funded abortions.  Bart Stupak obviously understands this.  I think it’s likely that many of the others who originally supported him in his opposition to taxpayer funded abortions are squishy on this and will end up voting for this bill.  After all, they are Democrats.