A Scary Republican Presidential Prediction for 2012

For some time now I have been convinced that Lindsey Graham plans to run for President in 2012.  The evidence is in the following: 1) He has increased his presence dramatically on the Sunday morning talk shows; 2) He is trying to assume McCain’s mantle of bipartisanship by working with liberals on issues like Climate Change, Immigration Reform, and closing Gitmo; and 3) He got a bird’s eye view of a national campaign last year as McCain’s wing man.

Don’t get me wrong.  If he succeeds in getting the Republican nomination it would be disastrous for the Conservative movement and the Republican Party.  It would be McCain round #2.  All the air would go out of the excited electorate if that were to happen.  But why should we worry?  In this environment he can’t possibly win the nomination, right?  Wrong!  Here’s why.

South Carolina is currently 3rd in the rotation of primaries.  A win there would weed out a lot of also-rans.  So let’s back-track.  Second up is New Hampshire.  Who do you think will be campaigning side-by-side with Senator Grahamnesty?  That’s right — the beloved John McCain (payback time).  So that just leaves getting a good showing in Iowa to start it all off. This is the reason for all his bipartisanship.  The MSM will portray him as a voice of reason against the shrill voices of all the dangerous conservatives. Plus, the conservative vote will be split among all the true conservatives in the race (ala Romney and Huckabee).

Let’s face it.  We have to be concerned about this guy.  Conservatives stand to make major gains in 2010.  Let’s not let this guy screw up our 2012.