FairTax Cosponsors in Texas

FairTax Picks up another Congressman in Texas in Pete Olson (R). At least that is what we’ve been told. This puts the score at 14 cosponsors verses 6 who chose not to do so. That will give us 70% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in the House of Representatives for Texas. ‘Freedoms Truth’ gave the low down in his bit “http://www.redstate.com/diaries/wosg/2008/nov/18/tx-21-and-the-other-tx-house-seats/ But I’d like to expound a little on what is a big to me.

• TX -1 Louis Gohmert (R).

• TX -2 Ted Poe (R). Cosponsors FairTax.•
• TX -3 Sam Johnson (R). Cosponsors FairTax.•
• TX-4 Ralph Hall (R). Cosponsors FairTax•
• TX-5 Jeb Hensarling (R). Cosponsors FairTax •
• TX-6 Joe Barton (R). •
• TX-7 John Culberson (R). Cosponsors FairTax•
• TX-8 Kevin Brady (R) Cosponsors FairTax• .• TX-9 Al Green (D). Cosponsors FairTax•
• TX-10 Michael McCaul (R) Cosponsors FairTax•
• TX-11 Mike Conaway (R). Cosponsors FairTax• .• TX-12 Kay Granger (R). Cosponsors FairTax •
• TX-13 Mac Thornberry (R). Cosponsors FairTax•
• TX-14 RonPaul (R). So RonPaul is RonPaul; what can I say.•
• TX-15 Ruben Hinojosa (D).

• TX-16 S. Reyes (D) • .• TX-17 Chet Edwards (D). •
• TX-18 Shiela Jackson Lee (D). •
• TX-19 Randy Neugebauer (R). Cosponsors FairTax.•
• TX-20 Charles Gonzalez (D).•
• TX-21 Lamar Smith (R). •
• TX-22 Pete Olson(R). Says he WILL Cosponsor FairTax•
• TX-23 Ciro Rodriguez. (D).•
• TX-24 Kenny Marchant (R). •
• TX-25 Lloyd Doggett (D). •
• TX-26 Burgess (R ).•
• TX-27 Solomon Ortiz (D).•
• TX-28 Henry Ceullar (D). •
• TX-29 Gene Green (D).

• TX-30 Eddie Bernice Johnson (D). •
• TX-31 John Carter (R) Cosponsors FairTax

So, we FairTaxers lost no ground in Texas. I wish we could say the same in Tennessee where district 1 Rep. Davis (R) got himself booted in the primary by Roe. Roe talks favorably and says he likes both the FairTax and the flat tax. That’s cool too. Hopefully he will cosponsor both bills. If he fails to do so, we will have lost ground in Tennessee. In the 110th Congress Tennessee had 75% Republican support and 0% Democrat support. We may be back to 50/50.I hope Senator Chambliss (R) keeps his seat in GA. I went down there for a FairTax Rally in Duluth over the weekend in support of Chambliss.
So, the fight goes on.