Flake And Coburn

Please don’t screw this up. Get the right people in the highest positions available.

The time is ripe. Get it right and do it right now. The Republican Party has just gotten the enema it needed and this is the time to fix it.

We need leaders to lead this country out of desperate times to come.

*We need to cut through the crap and get Flake in the highest minority position in the House. We need to get Coburn in the highest minority position in the Senate. Coburn needs to remain in the senate and not retire back to Oklahoma if that is what he is intending. *

To hell with all the who’s-who protocols. Just get it done.

These other republican do nothing grandstanding jackasses need to take a seat in the back of the room and shut the hell up. They have screwed things up enough.

Make it clear to everyone in the nation that this party has come to its senses.