Paging Marsha Blackburn. Come to Shelby County STAT!

I’m beginning to get distressed about the Republican Primary down here! Leatherwood is gaining ground every day and this is playing out all wrong. Its not even funny anymore. Even libs like wintermute and leftwingcracker are helping him.

Ummmm… Just sit down, I have something to tell you. This is probably going to hurt a bit.

Yeah, you just got nailed again. This time by MAHBA. Yes, It’s true, they dumped you. It’s not your fault, they just don’t understand. I do.

No.. No.. really, I do! I take back almost everything I ever said about you.

But hey, its not to late. Shelby and Fayette County Republicans will forgive you if you come ask them personally. At least I hope so. Get down here. Shake some hands and kiss some babies this weekend. PLEASE!

Just so you know that I’m serious this time, I’m going to talk to the Leaf Chronicle in Clarksville on Saturday and put a word in for you. I’ll be all the way on the farthest end of the district far from Shelby County so I can’t annoy you while you visit.

Just don’t be to over confident and please make sure you win next Thursday.

I’m so counting on ya.