The PC Feeding Frenzy

They smell blood in the water! It is really quite impressive. Sad, but impressive. The politically correct radicals are relentless. Every single day there is new “crisis” or new “victim class” thta MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS! I don’t how civilization ever made it as long as they did without these saviors of speech running around instructing everyone what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Imagine all the sexually confused guys running around Sodom that were bullied and shamed. Must have been horrible for them. I find it amazing how they, the PC Language Nazis, can create a new word or term, hand it to the media and put it on social media and BOOM…next day it is used by every hipster doofus on the planet. There must be a news letter or club or something. Today I heard about one of the latest terms “sexual health”. It appears the United States government will now be using this ambiguous term when speaking of those that want to play dress up and pretend their DNA doesn’t matter. And I guess we are going to try and force this way of thinking on the rest of the world. Funny, I could have sworn that the same people wanting to do this are the very people that were telling us just a few years ago that we DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to force our way of thinking or way of life on anyone else. That it was WRONG! Apparently, like everything else the Left preaches about, it’s only WRONG when Conservatives or Christians do it. When Progressives, Liberals, Muslims, the gay community…anyone else really…does it, not only is it ok, it is actually very brave. I have trouble keeping up with all the new terms and taboo subjects. Maybe because I’m older, maybe because I don’t really care, maybe both. But I do find it amusing to sit back and watch. Let’s face it, watching the decline and fall of a civilization is fascinating. We can only read about the fall of the Roman empire, we get to actually watch the destruction of the greatest civilization that has ever existed on the planet. But you have to give them credit, they are determined to destroy everything they touch and they go at that task 24/7/365…full steam ahead! If only their powers had been used for good instead of stupidity. Oh well.

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