Goodbye Glen Beck, We Hardly Knew Ye

I don’t follow such things, but after reading some of Glen Beck’s latest rants I have to wonder, are his ratings in the toilet or what? I hope that is the case, because if it is not he may want to go see a specialist. He is losing it! Hopefully he is just screaming out for attention. Or maybe he has always been a fraud. Maybe his latest attacks on Sarah Palin and the TEA Party are simply proof that he was much more at home on CNN than we thought. He seems to have come down with a terrible case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Not only does he lash out at Donald Trump, but he seems to go after anyone or anything that even slightly supports the Trumpster. Ok, from what I understand Beck’s grip with Sarah is probably more on a personal note. Apparently he is not to be trusted keeping private conversations private. He is just using the Trump campaign as an excuse to vent his anger at her for not allowing him to stay close enough to betray her again. As for the TEA party…that seems to be a cry for attention. He knows if he rants against them the main stream press will pick it up and run with it. Glen, buddy, it’s not going to work out. It’s time to go completely to the dark side and get out of the shadows. I’m pretty sure MSNBC will take you. All you have to do is pledge allegiance to the Left and continue to slip into insanity. I’m sure you and Al Sharpton will work great together! Have a good life!

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