Why Cruz Conservatives mourn him instead of supporting Trump

One of the biggest problems with society today is that many people literally cannot tell the difference between Pride and retaining one’s Integrity. They also can’t tell the difference between fact and opinion, either, but that’s beside the point. Cruz’s refusal to endorse was not about Pride. If you wonder why some keep posting about Ted Cruz, it’s not so much lamenting “what could have been,” but because we saw an injustice done, both to this man and to a large block of people who supported him. It’s one thing to lose a primary, but when the guy who won it is a “sore winner” intending to destroy any last vestiges of what Cruz tried to being to the table, it grates on my very soul.


Is Conservatism now relegated to the Dustbin of History? Do we find ourselves idolizing the man instead of his message?

For me, supporting Ted Cruz was about saving Conservatism, not idolizing the man. While I’m not blind and I see that some do idolize him, in my view they’ll get over it in time, once they decide to separate from that and refocus on his message. For most, it’s not “mourning,” it’s a way of keeping the Conservative movement alive.

I’m not going to vote for DJT for one big reason — if he wins, he will spend the next 4 years trying to crush Ted Cruz and Conservatism in general, using his “Alt-Right” foot soldiers. As others have pointed out, if Hillary wins, Conservatism can at least survive while working in opposition to her. Under DJT, it will be eliminated from the public discourse completely. The Alt-Right is Socially Liberal. It is not “true” Conservatism. If you wanted to know the reason why some Cruz fans are keeping the home fires burning on social media, that’s why.

After considering this, I wondered, why does DJT and his Alt-Right troll army keep bashing Cruz long after he’s made his exit? Why has it suddenly become necessary for DJT fans in Texas to work with the RiNOs like Rick Perry to challenge Cruz in the 2018 race for his Senate seat? The propaganda mills are working at full speed, day and night, churning out story after story that Cruz will not only lose his Senate seat but will not run in 2020, either. Why not focus more on Hillary and her many transgressions against this nation? Yes, it’s mentioned, but the arguments are being done (deliberately) low-key.

Either of these candidates winning the election is a Win/Win scenario for the Left. If DJT wins the election, the Left will spend the next 4 years working in opposition to DJT, gaining the vaunted “moral high ground,” while we religious conservatives get shoved into the dungeon by both parties. This is not just about crushing Cruz and his message, it’s about killing Conservatism. Conservatives, the GOP is no longer your friend.

As several well-known pundits have mentioned, if DJT gets pounded into the dust by Hillary in November, he will more than likely claim victim status and use that as an impetus to start his own media network, setting himself up as the new “champion” of his brand of neo-conservatism. So this is a Win/Win for him, too.

I considered this I sat there, watching as DJT flew into Louisiana like Santa Claus, posing for a very predictable photo-op while handing out food and supplies to grateful people in the flooded areas. It occurred to me that because of this move, DJT could more than likely pull off a miracle win. It’s not just because the flood victims wanted somebody with high-profile influence over the media to visit the area and show they actually care about the situation, but because that person also happens to be DJT. Yes, it was a flagrant milking of sympathy and DJT capitalized on it. While those of us who understand what DJT is doing by going to Louisiana despite their governor’s request for him not to, all the people in flood-ravaged Louisiana will remember is that he showed up first. For all practical purposes, he now flies back to New York with a plane-load of brownie-points.

*Note for the PC Thought-police: “Brownie points” in modern usage are a hypothetical social currency, which can be acquired by doing good deeds or earning favor in the eyes of another, often one’s superior. [source: Google dictionary]


The questions I asked myself are these: Why did Obama stay away from the flood zone? Why did Hillary make excuses to not visit? Because, in my view, the optics of the situation were intended to benefit DJT. Hillary is clearly not fit to lead. She’s very ill and if she wins, may possibly serve her term from the confines of a wheelchair, a visual echo of FDR. Again, another optics win/win for the Left.

We’ve found ourselves in the position of being the butt-end of a joke election. If the system is “rigged,” it is and has been rigged for DJT, not against him. In trying to figure out which is the lesser of two evils while in the voting booth, this is something to consider. My non-vote for either candidate comes down to letting God decide which kind of poison I have to take. Putting all of this into God’s capable hands is really the only option now.

– JKSC, Aug 20, 2017