Where Are the Swift Boaters?

By this time in 2004, the Kerry campaign was starting to come unwound, thanks in large part to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. By raising some ugly truths from Senator Kerry’s past, the Swift Boaters and their advertising shifted the tide of the ’04 Presidential campaign.

John McCain needs just such a shift now.

And it’s not like there’s no material. If John Kerry, a long-serving respected Senator and decorated Vietnam Veteran, could be taken down by some Veteran political backers from Texas, surely a similar group (or the same ones) could find many a skeleton in Barrack Obama’s closet. I can name three off the top of my head: Tony Rezko, William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

We all heard the vile, hate-filled, anti-American venom spewed by Obama’s “spiritual advisor.” Rekindling that alone should knock some of the shine off of Obama’s boots. Clips of Wright saying America got what it deserved on 9/11 should do just the trick.

Obama’s ties to the Syrian-American Rezko exhibit more than just poor judgment. They show ties – both personal and political – to a man indicted on corruption charges. Rezko was a major contributer to Obaman’s U.S. Senate campaign. Obama bought a house – after he was elected to the U.S. Senate – for $300,000 less than the asking price. The house was next door to a home Rezko’s wife bought about the same time. Rezko was widely known to be under federal investigation at the time. Obama admitted to “boneheaded” judgment. Judge for yourself.

Perhaps the most troubling skeleton in Obama’s closet is that of William Ayers. Obama served as the first chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which Ayers helped create, and he kicked off his Illinois Senate campaign at Ayers’ house. Why are these a problem? Because Bill Ayers bombed the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and the New York City Police Headquarters, among other targets, in the 1970s. Several people died as a result of Ayers’ actions. Even 30 years later, Ayers was unapologetic, saying he “didn’t do enough,” and “would probably do it all again” when asked about the bombings.

Yes, these are Barrack Obama’s friends, business partners, neighbors, supporters and advisors. Why is this not the mantra of the McCain campaign? This is not dirty politics. It is pointing out the truth about the man who appears headed for the White House. If McCain really believes his slogan, “Country First,” he should encourage, support and fund such an advertising campaign. If he won’t, where are the Swift Boaters?