I was watching the news at the Y tonight...

and they were discussing how the townhall responses were “manufactured.”  That they were bought and paid for and the tactics of standing and shouting were wrong.

What struck me was that this is the only way the “other side” will be heard by these people.  They have shut out any opposing ideas in the House and Senate and are doing this by themselves.  Then they come out to these town halls and “lecture” the unwashed, and tell us what we need to have for health care.

Shouting is the only way to get through.  I live in Dave Obey’s district and there is no one more arrogant than him.  If you challenge him on any subject he just tells you what an idiot you are.  He never even bothers to send the form answers to my emails.

Shouting at Dave may give me pleasure but will not change his mind!