Deal or No Deal?

I had an ah-ha moment this week. I know the health care issue is dropping below the radar for the time being, but after an organizational meeting last week to discuss what the new health care deform is going to cost us personally, I finally pieced something together.

Making sure Pelosi’s 18-26 year old “children” are insured has less to do with compassion and more to do with confiscation. There is a deep seated political reason for all this federally mandated compassion.

Assuming the The National Conference of State Legislatures is right, and somewhere around 13 million “children” in this age bracket (give-or-take) are uninsured, forcing them into the system will add close to $40 billion into the financially starved program.

That was my ah-ha moment. Those who need it the least, who will use it the least, will have to pay in. Correction I shall have to pay in on behalf of my “children.”

Such a deal — not.

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