Because it is a stupidly easy procedure in the first 12 weeks, and everything is being done by pro-choice librals to make it seem benign as possible, and gloss over ethical objections. For example here’s an e-mail from the Woman’s Health Group at my medical school.

The Reproductive Health Interest Group is looking for students interested in leadership positions. Each year, we plan five to six events or lectures that help educate students on relevant reproductive health issues.  Our past events have included:  Doula and Midwife Panel Discussion, AIDS Day Dinner and Movie “Absolutely Positive” (Co-sponsor), MVA Papaya Workshop (Mechanical Vacuum Aspiration-used primarily for abortions!), Oral Contraception Lecture, Taking a Sexual History, and many more!”

MVA’s and Papayas?!??! Reminds me of condoms and banannas-only now, instead of teaching your daughter how to safely fornicate, your tax dollars are going to teach young doctors how to safely (for the mother that is) end an unintended pregnancy (ie. evacuate and kill a 6-12 week old unborn human being)

Don’t let the ease and benign nature of early abortion blind us to it’s malefecence and the ethical travisty that ends the lifes of millions of potential people! Sure MVA or abortion pills seem simple. How could something that looks like a squirt gun and is over in a few minutes without much crying, or pain or blood be wrong?-don’t let these arguments blind you to the truth-a heartbeat is stopped. Remember the ever-wise words of Dr. Seuss “a person’s a person, no matter how small”-the ease at wich a fetus is killed and the relative painlesness of a procedure, have little bearing on the ethics of that procedure. If a fetus is a person, then abortion is wrong, unless it is specificaly to save the life of another person and it is impossible to similtaniously save the child. If the fetus is “possibly” a person then abortion is possibly wrong. If the fetus is potentially a person then abortion destroys potential, the same as drugs, and abuse, and rape, and segregated schools….and is wrong.

If anyone is interested, I am beginning my OB/GYN rotation in medical school, and plan to write a journal at least once a week bringing up ethical controversies I see on rotation, and educating readers to the medical “speak” and health considerations of issues like contraception, emergency abortion, in-vitro fertilization, and elective abortion.