Central Michigan Life get's it all wrong with anti-smoking legislation

Originally posted at Random Rants from an Airline EmployeeThe October 22nd edition of Central Michigan Life had an editorial starting out by claiming that Michigan should enact anti-smoking legislation because 22 other states have passed such legislation. That was bad enough. However to make it worse, they decided to attempt justifying the legislation through self determined economic benefits of prohibiting smoking in bars and restaurants. They’re journalists, not economists.That’s not to say they can’t possess an understanding of basic, if not more advanced, economic study. However, as I mentioned in my letter to the editor that was published today, the well known economist F.A. Hayek admitted that it’s impossible for any central authority to determine the outcome of the millions of decisions made by millions of people every day, hour, minute, and second. That being said, it’s silly then for CM Life’s editorial staff to state that business might fare better because more customers will “flock to bars” since they are smoke free.

If they want to play that game anyways, that’s cool. They’ll still get slapped down. As I also mentioned, the number of non-smoking establishments in Spain have actually gone down. This certainly wouldn’t be happening if it were economically viable to maintain the smoke-free status, now would it? I didn’t think so.

I certainly have no problem with the editorial staff of a newspaper taking a stance on an issue, however they should at least attempt to make sound arguments. It should be pretty obvious by now, especially with all this bailout nonsense, that centrally controlled economies do not do better. Using that as an argument for further violating rights is even worse.

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