Its not about Mittens

Really, if you think about it, ONE delegate will not change history.  It doesn’t change the running count in any significant manner, and frankly it’s effect is limited and about moot at this point.

But the the ability of the Michigan Republicans to trust leadership is at risk right now.  In fact, if one was to place an ear to the ground, they would hear the factions dividing and headed in different directions.  A single delegate change from the presumed Santorum Tie with Mitt Romney a couple of weeks ago may destroy the ability for Michigan to be effective for whomever is left facing the Marxist in November.

As many of you may know, we have been documenting the evidence as we find it at RightMichigan.Com, including at least ONE rebuttal by Sharon Wise, one of the 4 who voted for the delegate allocation as it now stands.  The vote we have found to be suspect, as it only appeared post primary, and from a nearly undocumented phone conference. (thanks to the party attorney for releasing the details of the call)

We believe there is a problem in House GOP in Michigan.  We, being the grass roots activists, the base, and those who have worked hard for the unheard of majorities Republicans hold in Michigan’s chambers, and other important offices.  However, its my own personal opinion there is one man ultimately responsible for the post primary delegate change in the first place. (I have documented in those posts as to why)

Saul Anuzis.

Yet strangely, outside of Rightmchigan.com and a couple of other sites, he is not the guy taking the heat, (though there IS a facebook page dedicated to his removal from republican politics) but instead the chair of the Michigan GOP, Bobby Schostak has decided to absorb responsibility for the rules change as a mistake, and his February 8th explanation of the process, as a misspoken goof.  And throughout the acceptance of blame, the chair attempts to polarize the factions which comprise the current Michigan Republican party:

“Sadly, there are folks trying to use our intra-party dispute for personal gain. That is wrong. It is disrespectful to all of you, to the presidential campaigns, to those in our party who deeply care about our values, and worse yet in the end it will only serve to assist our opponents in November.”

This statement brought a response from the poster at the above link:

“[This statement is dangerous and inciteful, as it intends to polarize the political party loyalists against those who have aligned themselves with the party to affect change. The writer of this email has no position of credibility to define right or wrong for any purpose other than to mislead and shift the focus away from all guilty persons. This misleading is propped up by further demonizing anyone who dares speak out against this matter be declaring that they are being disrespectful to everyone. Anyone who speaks out with the truth and against the party is the wrongdoer subject to correction and not those under scrutiny by the overall Citizenry. Still unclear about those values that keep being mentioned.] “


One might consider the inappropriate recommissioning of a single at-large delegate not quite worth putting at risk the reputation and effectiveness of the Michigan GOP, particularly with the tough fight ahead.

As directed by the statement from the chairman above, one might also consider the efforts that those of us who are reporting on this daily, to be counter productive.

The entire affair, though originally crafted for the benefit of an ongoing Mitt Romney campaign really is less about Mitt, than about the ability for our leadership, and a few particular poisons within, to throw off the yoke of decency and fair play.  No matter the end of the charade, whether they get away with it, whether a delegate is assigned to one candidate or another, or if the ongoing damage control efforts salve their fears, the MiGOP leadership will have to be considered for retirement.

And that it will happen before the most important election in this country’s history means it ought to be sooner than later.