Media Whipped Republicans

And now conservatives?

The first three supposed ‘victims’ of Cain’s as yet unexplained dalliances were enough to titillate media whores into a tizzy.  For obvious reasons, supporters of other Republican primary candidates rubbed their hands and secretly wish for it to play out (and quickly) with Cain ending his campaign and fading into the Georgia sunset.

How convenient that would be.

But Herman had the gall to insist he was baselessly accused, and supporters rallied. Team Cain raising more money in a week than he had in months prior. Being believable has its advantages, and the not-so-professional campaigner Cain demonstrated what comes when simply talking straight is tried.  Naysayers could argue that he didn’t do as well as he could have, but the proof is in the sustained support by his base.

Now we have a “Tea Party Republican”, as labeled by her hired gun hard core Democrat attorney Gloria Allred, who wishes Cain would come clean about her alleged encounter with Cain 14 years ago.  This tea party ‘activist’ who has only once been seen at an event according to two witnesses so far, (a month ago) had approached Cain at that event and hugged him. This Republican, who lives (or lived ) in the same building as David Axlerod (yes, that one) coincidentally, and also has money issues which go as far as liens by the federal government.

Now mind you, I am as inclined as ANYONE to be wary of  multiplied accusations, and frankly its hard to take a high road stance as a conservative if one backs a serial abuser.

But I also recognize that NOTHING of substance has been presented.

The first three “accusers” have not leveled any specific charges that we are aware.  They have not provided themselves as witnesses to testify.  There is only an attorney who is serving as a rumor monger.  The claims of money paid to shut the women up could be as easily dismissed as go-away-money for someone who didn’t like being called “sweetie.”

And if you don’t understand that, you were likely not conscious or alive in the 1990s.

As to the newest charge?

I don’t like coincidences.  And I am not talking about the concurrent theme of rumor that there are multiple women making claims.  I am suggesting there is more to this woman’s money troubles and the neighborly coincidence of sharing the same building with the man who is running the President’s next campaign.

Small world huh?

And while looking at a claim that has desired consequence for any number of Cain opponents, I see too many other things that make the claim far too suspect.  In the mean time, I for one am willing to stand as a defender of due process.

Its kind of a conservative thing you know.