The Michigan GOP Gets It.

There has been no question the Tea Party activity has had REAL effect in several elections already.

There has been no question that a singular point, in the manner of a third party would be counter productive to conservatives and tea party attendee goals.

So there was SOME question as to why the MSM might commission a study that would indicate 23% of the folks in this country would vote for a “tea party” candidate, If such a party existed. Sometimes however, we find such questions answer themselves.

There was no question the signature campaign in Michigan that some estimate to cost $120,000 was at the very least encouraged by Michigan Democrats. Indeed, it was and is suspected the SOS project of Soros was in play. But..

There WAS a question who was directly behind it, as the player seen as the “leader of the new political party, Mark Steffek, had little history and absolutely NO connection to either the Democrats OR ANY tea party activities in Michigan.  And HE wasn’t talking.

There were fewer questions to be answered however, when the candidate slate was released.  And upon examination of the affidavits of identity, I discovered the notary of several of them, was a Political operative of the Oakland County Democrat Party. Of course, the few questions left remaining at that time are who financed such a thing.  Surely not the 20 something Jason Bauer (the notary and OCDP political director) who was tossed not so pleasantly under the bus by OCDP Chair Mike McGuinness who has disavowed the activity.

But right now, I am pleased to say there is NO QUESTION that the MI GOP gets it.  They are on this like flies on u-know-what, and the Dems cannot rush out to defend their fall guy, their patsy.. ..their “schmuck.”  Without showing their disreputable hand the rest of the way before the election.  The MI GOP has petitioned the SOS, and the BOE to deny party status to the fakers who would put a revered Gadsden symbol atop the ballot along side the standard elephant, or donkey.  The MI GOP notes:

“The nearly 60,000 people who signed these petitions did so in good faith,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser.  “They signed this petition because they wanted to be part of the process and make a difference in our state and national government. “Steffek’s actions only disenfranchised good-intentioned residents who wanted to participate in the process.  He perpetrated a fraud against the people of this state and should be held accountable for his actions,” Weiser said.

A summary of the complaints filed include:

  • Would-be candidates listed on the Certification of Tea Party Nomination were nominated at the convention on July 24.  However, all but one affidavit filed were pre-dated, or completed prior to convention.
  • Failure to follow statutory requirements regarding a call to convention.

“It is clear the intent of Steffek’s group is to confuse the votes and hinder the Democratic process of fair elections,” said David Robertson, Republican senate candidate in the 26th District.  “Michigan residents deserve better than that.  These activists wanted to be part of the process; instead they were misled and deceived.  I sincerely hope the Bureau of Elections will act swiftly in this matter.”

There is no question the Michigan Republicans get it.

Lets hope the Michigan Bureau of elections does as well.

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