Jason Allen Honorably Concedes The 1st Congressional District Race

Jason Allen has decided to NOT pursue a recount process in the race for the 1st congressional district, which he had a 15 vote deficit. I was fortunate to talk with Jason about this difficult decision.

In his decision, Allen notes the expense for both campaigns through a recount process lessens the opportunity that a conservative would gain the seat, and that further divisiveness within the party might only result in the same type of poor leadership from that seat through a McDowell win.

“A 15 vote separation through a recount and validation process might easily be overcome if there was a decision to do so. There are compelling reasons to follow through and honor the wishes of those 27,000 voters who thought I might represent them. I am humbled, and honored by their support, but at this time feel they might be best served without a recount process that would be damaging to both campaigns and would not serve the district well.”

Folks, I am going to lay out something for you to chew on. If Jason Allen were the nominee, the support structure, coupled with the ability to bridge partisan divides through appropriate compromise would make him a stronger candidate. The first district has a make up that is more centrist, thus Stupak has been able to hold it for so many years. Allen has been able to maintain conservative principles while working with those on the other side for what he saw as the best way to serve his constituency.

There have been issues with Jason which many of the faithful here have argued. And as you may have noted, my tone here and at Rightmichigan.com has been a casually supporting one at times. The big picture, and an understanding of many things that are behind some of the decisions our legislators make is very important. On absolutes and real rights infringements, Allen has been a stalwart conservative. Yes I said it.

I have also indicated before that he has seen where his mistakes were and worked to rectify them before they became a permanent issue. But all the while, I have to some degree maintained a semi neutral position of support, and wanted only the best result from a fair contest free of vicious hyperbole, and misleading commentary.

Allen has completely taken the high road with this decision that might well have ended like another campaign which gave us the likes of Dan Scripps for a state rep in the end.

My hat is off to Jason Allen for conceding to a better, and more unified conservative future in the 1st congressional district. He is a true patriot.

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