The party of lies does it again.

We have seen them do it with gun rights, where THEY formed a fake organization that claimed to be representative of gun owners, but was merely an attempt to weaken the NRA.

We have seen it with the election of 2008, when “Republicans for Obama” showed up in a manner that suggested even RINO republicans could vote for a hard core socialist.  It was THEM

We saw it here in Michigan, when THEY attempted to re-write the Michigan constitution with a single ballot initiative.  A cleverly designed ploy to bring in conservatives by hiding leftist garbage in seemingly conservative wrap.

“THEY” of course being the new progressive Socialist Democrat party, the party of soft morals, and unending servings of subterfuge and concealment of intent.  The Michigan Democrat party, that with its now fully developed leftward bent, funded by the engine of nation destroyer George Soros has shown yet again, its playbook to be far from empty.

The Michigan Democrats, in a new bid to divide and conquer are trying a new tactic.  They are actually attempting to make the “tea party” the TEA Party.”

Whenever there is a mysterious ballot initiative that pops up here in Michigan, that has no claimed sponsor, its time to be alarmed.

Particularly when those petitions are being circulated by PCI (Progressive Campaigns Inc) a frequently used functionary of the Michigan Democrat Party.  They were the ones who collected for Michigan’s RMGN, (Reform Michigan Government Now) a couple years ago, which was funded by the Michigan Democrats, which initially denied involvement.

They denied they were involved, denied sponsoring, denied being a part of the RMGN, yet in the end it was clear that they had partnered with the UAW in the attempt to rewrite the constitution of the state to favor Democrats going forward.  It was a massive rules change and structural rearrangement carefully constructed to quite literally peel republicans from important posts and set up a near perfect Democrat storm for this year.

Expect them to deny involvement in this new “tea party” project which has no financial reporting due until July 23, well after the petitions would have been turned in.  We won’t KNOW who is the heavy financier behind it until then, when it is too late.

One thing for sure..  The financing isn’t coming from anyone in the tea party movement here.  No one in the quite popular and plentiful tea party organizations throughout the state even realized this was happening.  Further, as most involved in Michigan tea party leadership are blue collar types, and small business owners, it seems hard to believe any have made a decision to lay out the $500k-$1M it would take to make the initiative serious.

And when PCI gets involved, it is indeed serious.  As Chetly Zarko at OutsideLansing.com reports:

Progressive has been funded by Soros, the Michigan Democratic Party, and is most recently known for the crude attempt to re-game the Michigan Constitution for the Democratic Party in 2008 through the Reform Michigan Government Now petition, which also operated initially for its first several weeks as a “stealth petition” (a petition that does not go through the Board of Canvasser approval process before circulation, but rolls the dice and operates quietly as long as possible).

Zarko should be credited for breaking this information, and his site should also be watched for more updates.  His connections within Michigan Politics will likely result in accurate reading and exposure of the ongoing efforts by whomever is funding this petition drive to create a fake Tea Party; Michigan Democrats.