Michigan Governor Diva Attacks AG Cox

Granholm Calls On AG To GRRR…Do Something  – Reposted at RightMichigan.Com

The executive Diva is mad.

Governor Granholm says Attorney General Mike Cox does not have the constitutional authority on his own to unilaterally decide the state’s position on the issue of healthcare reform. She says the main client of the Attorney General is the Executive Branch.

Granholm has asked Michigan’s attorney General Mike Cox to intervene on behalf of the state to support her position on the health care bill.  Cox filed a suit along with other attorneys general to stop the bill which on its face violates the 9th and 10 amendments, assuming too much federal authority. Granholm wants to give the federal government more authority over Michigan citizens, so she supports the health care takeover.


But hey.. I’m not saying she is stupid.. In fact, My guess is she was the smartest girl in acting class.  Its about loyalty, and a clear understanding of our constitution.  What the Canadian born child star does not understand, is that you cannot force people to buy any product as a condition of citizenship.. that is.. unless you have a frame of reference that comes from another country..  Or perhaps San Francisco, that marvelous enigma upon enigma etc.., that brings us such geniuses as Nancy Pelosi, and a not-so-vile food product.. Rice-A-Roni.

Should Cox accept her order?

Yes.  In the way bureaucrats manage such things.  Deliberately.  Shuffle it to the slowest attorney in the pool, with extensive background investigations, economic impact studies, and throw in a few misspellings so that it can be legitimately reassigned for reworking by the next slowest person when that is done.  Then take a month to look at it personally, and send it back for some “minor” revisions, then go on vacation with the stipulation no action on the item until he returns.

Aside from that..  Cox should give the governor the middle finger.  Not as a sign of disrespect, oh no..  But merely to let her know he is on board with her plan to screw the citizens of Michigan and the rest of the country.  Think of it as a “gang sign.”  Of course it should not be confused with the dropping of trousers and full moon, which is the sign of the MEA.

Bottom line?

The citizens of Michigan voted for Mike Cox. The US born, US Marine veteran won easily the last time in an election where other high profile Republicans were getting dropped like our constitutional protections with the current administration.   Whether you like him personally or not, he has defended our state and the US constitution in more ways than most, and has earned the trust of this state’s citizens.  Granholm can neither fire him, nor can she do anything to the office of the attorney general from her lame duck post.

Its up to the people now.  For several years now, Granholm’s words and deeds have crippled this state, and she has shown to be not worthy of any more consideration than one might give a neighbor’s gabby 4 year old who wants to tell you about her trip to the doll store.  Mike Cox has sworn to uphold the constitution, and he is doing so, and is thus serving the citizens properly in his capacity.