I have tried to avoid writing on this subject generally. My name is attached to all posts comments, and frankly like most, I have an unsettled feeling about what those who pursue a certain religion are willing to do to shut us up.  Silence is no longer an option.

Today’s cold blooded killing of 12 heroes can be blamed on a mental condition, but now it appears it was a premeditated move to send a message about those soldiers going over to kill Muslims.  Fellow soldiers are now talking about how Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army major who was about to be deployed had already made references to how “the Muslim oppressed should rise up and fight the oppressors.”

His cousin called one of the Fox shows and said “he was an American..  we don’t know why…”

I know why.

He had received a full scholarship to medical school costing the taxpayers roughly a half million dollars according to Bob Scales a retired Military officer during an interview on Greta.  He has been “treating” our returning vets for years..

But rather than “conscientiously object” and seek discharge based on his religious conflict, he decided to pursue the natural calling of this “religion of peace…”

His choice.. Kill the infidel.

I am glad to find that this bastard is alive.  It may well help us turn that corner where we recognize the rabid condition of those who live and walk among us.