NFL... Maybe I Never Knew You.

Michigan is a special place not unlike many other locations in the midwest when fall arrives.  You can actually SMELL football in the air.  Its a wave of nostalgia that I know is shared by many others who have for a long time have been avid fans of the Saturdays replete with back to back challenges worthy of the greatest gladiators that ever existed.

Some of the feelings, not surprisingly arise from the memories of the last trek to the stadium to watch your favorite team beat down its rivals, or even sometimes barely escape a pummeling that might have been expected.  No advertising is needed to fill the big venues, as the raucous nature of the students and the promise of a true loyal fan base guaranteed a good time.

I cannot share the same feelings for professional football.  For whatever reason that seemingly runs contrary to my “free market” principles, or perhaps BECAUSE of them, I don’t see professional football as either worth my time, energy, or money.  I cheer as my favorite college players move into the professional spotlight, hoping they make a decent living for all their hard work, but give them a wave goodbye.

There is something about the innocence lost when I see a “good kid” turn into a monster as “celebrity status ” rears its ugly horns. And though its not all, it is enough for me to let go when I had respect for them in the somewhat protected environment of  their college requirements.   No big money contract, no sharpies in their socks, and if they fail to be respectful, they don’t play.  A time when they WANTED to play.

Now.. add to this, the current debate of WHOM is allowed to buy into a team.. or not?

Like him or not (I Personally do) you cannot argue anything but that Rush Limbaugh LOVES football.  He cut his teeth in it, and recently was part of a group that was going to buy into an NFL team.  As things go, politics soon entered the mix, and the NFL has now become an arm of the left wing agenda through its capitulation to “political pressure” because Limbaugh has opinions that differ from the current white house occupant.  Pressure accelerated by the lies of those who really have no interest in the sport itself, but saw it as an opportunity to strike at a voice from a different place.

Its just one more place to NOT spend any money in my opinion.  Give me the politics of the Big Ten any day over this crap.

No thanks NFL..  Not interested.. But I guess I never was.