Imagine... A Republican Peace Prize..

What if the Republican Party annually popped up the name of some particular leader who promoted “peace through strength, gave them an award and touted to the world the great achievement of that (presumably Republican or conservative) person? Why certainly they could base it on “words alone” using a precedent already established for such things.

Why not?

If the award recipients have not already shown the true nature of the Nobel peace prize agenda, I cannot imagine what possible act could. Peace is hardly a leftist Ideal, but is used as if it is within their domain exclusively. The Nobel prize being awarded for and encouraging such socialist ideals is capitulation with the rest of the world, weakening defensive postures, and lowering standards. A Republican Peace prize could give the leaders of those countries who actually HAVE standards.. hope.

The first person I would nominate would be El Presidente Robert Micheletti of Honduras for his commitment to upholding a constitution and freedom in the face of international pressure. His stand being taken particularly against the US administration’s wishes shows true courage in the face of a tireless socialist world community that wanted ONE MORE dictator for the club.

Obama’s winning of the prize certainly drives home the truth of the OSLO political party’s agenda: Shame the U.S.A. with timed world headlines, and support of socialist ideals in the face of what would be perceived as strength of those opposed to the winner’s politics.

Carter’s award in 2002, to let that war monger Bush know they weren’t happy. Al Gore in 2007 reminding us that the global warming scam has firm socialist footings. And now this wonderful award for a president who throws the United States under the bus in the name of “getting along.”

A political party in Oslo Norway crafting a “world message” of peace through Subjugation, Unbounded Humility and Weakness could easily be countered with a message of Peace through Strength perhaps called the Reagan Peace Prize