Michigan Gubernatorial Excitement Underway

A recent posting at RightMichigan.com reveals the measures used by some politicians to “buy” a position under a particular party banner. The student who was brought in as “support” for a candidate’s straw poll endorsement, had not a clue who he was… or maybe WHY he was there.

It was suggested that Michigan gubernatorial  Candidate Rick Snyder paid the cost of attendance for up to 600 for the Mackinac Republican Leadership conference in an effort to “GIN UP” a rallying point of legitimacy.  As one commenter added:

He also needed serious name recognition – and now he has it.  Bouchard, Cox, and Hoekstra really did not need to win this poll, this poll was really for Snyder and George to get on the political radar screen.

Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of folks in the state who know who Rick Snyder is, so this method was a legitimate way to spark some recognition value, and perhaps a look his way. Snyder has been a financial supporter of the Republican party in recent years, and now seeks a more visible role it seems.

But he has also given to prominent DEMOCRAT coffers as well. And his support for abortion, carbon initiatives.. etc.., seem to indicate he is a little left of center. Under normal circumstances, I usually reserve the word “RINO” for cases as extreme as this.  He does not appear to be a Republican in spirit. And at the very least, his political aspiration is hardly suitable for Governor in a state that needs a truly conservative Republican at the helm.

And there are three decently conservative Republicans to choose from; Cox, Hoekstra, and Bouchard

The you tube posting follow through of the video had a response from the student in the original video.  What you don’t see in THAT response is the guys who cam and paid him a visit for making Uncle Ricky look bad.