Liars Cheats and Scoundrels..

The first time in this campaign cycle I discovered a straight out fabricated organization designed to fool people into thinking it was OK to go against your conscience was with the Ray Schoenke ads playing on my radio. It didnt make sense and I wrote about it here: Ray Schoenke, the guy in the “Obama loves gun owners” advertisements.. Which simply amazed me, as I discovered the organization is a front for gun control.

More recently, I stumbled upon the noted GOP for Obama site discovering IT TOO was a sham group made to mislead a particular constituency into thinking it was OK to vote for a rank-and-file Marxist. The guy who runs this site, not unlike Schoenke, is flat out misrepresenting, (read prevaricating)as he too has been a supporter of the most ardent socialists ($2000 donation to a prior Democrat senator from Illinois) and now purports to be a Republican “disenfranchised” with the last 8 years.


This is the state of the new far left Democrat movement. this is the way in which they must move their message of redistribution. By hiding it behind particular interests, and dissatisfaction of normally conservative voting groups. the message of the left is empty, so they must usurp what the right has advocated, relying on half truths to better present their candidate as possible change in the right direction. The theft of those ideals however, does not mean that their candidate will be a champion of them.

The new left, the new Democrat, the new thief

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