John McCain as Senate Majority Leader?

As much as it would pain me, it looks like the GOP’s best possibility on Tuesday would give them 50 seats in the Senate, with the dems having 48 seats, plus 2 independents that caucus with them.  So… if the GOP keeps their current power structure, they are assured of remaining in the minority with a 50-50 vote and Biden being the tiebreaker.  HOWEVER, if the GOP were to vote for McCain as Senate Majority Leader under that scenario, would Joe Lieberman jump on board and vote for McCain, who he supported in 2008?  That seems to be the only possibility for the GOP to wind up as the majority party in the senate, as it looks like it is either going to be 50-50 or 51-49 in favor of the dems based on my quick reading of the Real Clear Politics polling data.  Surely republicans wouldn’t be stupid enough to stick with McConnell if that would give them no possibility of winning back the majority, would they?