RLC Drafts resolution encouraging Gov Mark Sanford to run in 2012

The Republican Liberty Caucus seems to have found their 2012 candidate. They recently passed a resolution to encourage SC Governor Mark Sanford to run for President in 2012. In early 2007, the Council for National Policy, a semi-secretive and exclusive club of social conservative leaders including James Dobson (Focus on the Family), the late Jerry Falwell (Liberty University), and Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform) was looking for a candidate they could support. At their February 2007 meeting, Sanford was a guest speaker and the group tried to convince him to run, offering their support if he would run. He declined, saying that he had a commitment to the people of South Carolina and that it wasn’t the right time with his four young boys. It seems to me that Sanford might just be the guy to get the support from all wings of the conservative movement (fiscal, social, and defense). He also has the support of the republican governors, who elected him to be the leader of the RGA. With his time as governor coming to an end in January 2011 and the support he seems to have from so many in the power circles, he’s going to be a very formidable candidate.

Here’s the resolution from the RLC:


Adopted by the RLC National Committee on 6/8/2009

WHEREAS Washington is fundamentally broken;

WHEREAS wasteful government spending is out of control;

WHEREAS puppet politicians are promising to spend trillions of dollars we don’t have;

WHEREAS Americans continue to lose their freedoms as our nation creeps toward socialism;

WHEREAS the American people are looking for bold leadership to renew our republic; and

WHEREAS the Republican Liberty Caucus Statement of Principles should be implemented to solve these problems;

RESOLVE THAT the Republican Liberty Caucus Board of Directors encourages Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina to run for President of these United States in 2012;

That Governor Sanford is a bold, independent leader who is able to fend off Washington’s culture of corruption;

That Governor Sanford has a vision that will protect America while safeguarding individual liberty and reducing government power;

That Governor Sanford has a stellar record as South Carolina Governor and a former member of Congress;

That Governor Sanford has not only embraced the label ‘libertarian’, but his actions logically follow his words; and

That Governor Sanford should be the choice of all Americans who want to return the country to its Founding principles.