Sanford: Why we don't want the stimulus

In a great Op-Ed in the WSJ, Governor Mark Sanford (a potentially great 2012 candidate) had some pointed words for the President. After explaining that South Carolina doesn’t want to be bailed out because “when you’re in a hole, the first order of business is stop digging,” Sanford had these strong words for the President:

Last week I reached out to the president, asking for a federal waiver from restrictions on stimulus money. I got a most unusual response. Before I even received an acknowledgment of the request from the White House, I got word that the Democratic National Committee was launching campaign-style TV attack-ads against me for making it.

Is this the new brand of politics we were promised? Instead of engaging with me and other governors on the merits of our dissent, I am to be attacked in television ads? In the end, I just don’t believe a problem created by too much debt will be solved by piling on more debt. This doesn’t strike me as an unreasonable or extremist position.

With others such as Palin and Jindal following Sanford’s leadership on this issue, it only goes to show why he would make a great candidate in 2012.