Mark Sanford is the future of the GOP

This week, the republican governors named Mark Sanford the chairman of their association. Kudos to them for recognizing one of the few bright stars in the dark republican sky.

Quick: what is the only thing worse than a tax and spend liberal? A person claiming to be a conservative but really wants to spend us into oblivion while cutting taxes.

Unfortunately, the republicans in congress think that they can spend our money better than we can and all they have to do to get elected is tell us they will cut taxes. We can all see how well that works. Mark Sanford is the only governor to sit in front of congress and say “no thanks” to their promise of loads of money to his state from the bailout bills. He’s the only one to lecture Charlie Rangel and his colleagues for their spending habits.

If those videos don’t show you that Governor Sanford “gets it” then you should look at his record in South Carolina. He has completely pissed off republicans in his state legislature because he cares more about the people than his party. He has cut taxes and is constantly vetoing their spending plans. Some of the big spending republicans in his state (my state) even campaigned for his opponent in his 2006 re-election bid, but he won re-election by a record margin. This guy has experience as a congressman and a governor and has all of the credentials to bring all aspects of the conservative movement together for a strong coalition in 2012. I hate talking about 2012 already and hope nobody starts campaigning anytime soon, but I would like to see my fellow conservatives write Governor Sanford and beg of him to run for President in 2012. (His second and final term as governor ends in 2010, just in case you were wondering.) I am not going to bash any of the other potential candidates, but this guy is young, has a clean record, is articulate of conservative principles, and has a strong record at the state and federal record to back up his promises.