Why Mitch Daniels?

The current governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, who is very popular in my state of Indiana. Why should we even give a thought to Mitch in 2012? He is a sitting governor, with the excutive experience this country needs badly. Balancing the budget, cutting spending and making the hard and sometimes very unpopular decisions, (think Chris Christie). He is not the most TV friendly and will never be a matinee idol, by any stretch. But Gov. Daniels is very well spoken and focused on fiscal issues in this great state. Daniels is also the former budget director for George W. Bush before becoming governor. He won handily in 2008, while Obama squeaked out a win in this state, for which I am deeply ashamed and disappointed. What this country needs is 2012 is a budget hawk, a fiscal giant who has a record for cutting spending and balancing budgets at the state level. Daniels is also pro-life, pro-marriage (man and woman), and he rides a Harley. I know that means nothing in the politcal world, but he is a real human being.

If we look at history. 1913-1921, Woodrow Wilson (thanks Teddy Roosevelt for splitting the GOP), a huge progressive, racist and a big government president all the way around. Election of 1920, the country had had their fill of Wilson and his progressive agenda, elected Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge. Harding cut spending immediately and reduced the size of government. Stopping the recession/depression of 1920 in it’s tracks. Harding dies in 1923, Coolidge steps in and continues the small government agenda of Harding. Coolidge (former governor of Massachusetts, of all places), did not like taxes, did not like government interference in private life. Cooldige is re-elected in 1924 easily. The roaring 20’s continue. Coolidge declines to run in 1928. You know what happened shortly after that.

Given where we are today and based on history, we are fast approaching an election just like 1920, with a Woodrow Wilson clone in the white house currently and a governor in Indiana with the same attitude and personality of Calvin Coolidge, named Mitch Daniels. If you know history as I do, Mitch Daniels is the modern day Coolidge. Governor Daniels is also the man this country needs in 2012. Why do you think Ronald Reagan hung a picture of Coolidge in the White House?