Help retire Barbara Boxer once and for all! Chuck DeVore for Senate!

Fellow Red State fans… a couple of years back I found my way to Red State while volunteering for the Fred Thompson campaign.  We all know how that worked out, but no worries… on a personal level it was my first real experience with grassroots politics.  Fred may not have done so well, but he motivated me to get off my rear and contribute.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to run a 500 person event here in Northern California, billed as a GOP Unity event… naturally as the head of the event, I brought in speakers who I thought can help the GOP unite, but unite behind strong, conservative principles and not folks who think our party needs to become more like the Democrats.  Chuck DeVore was one of our speakers, and he hit a grand slam.

I was first turned on to Assemblyman Chuck DeVore during the Thompson campaign as he was one of our CA state chairs.  Needless to say, he stood for the same values that attracted me to Senator Thompson, a strong national defense, sound fiscal conservatism, an outstanding pro-family record, strong support of 2nd Amendment rights and fierce advocacy for nuclear power and utilizing our domestic oil supply.

As a devout conservative I’m thrilled to be back volunteering on behalf of a great conservative candidate for US Senate.  Equally as exciting, is the opportunity to retire Barbara Boxer (excuse me, Senator Barbara Boxer), once and for all.

I’m thrilled to be volunteering as his Bay Area (CA) director but we need help.  If you are interested in volunteering for this campaign and live anywhere in CA, please email me at [email protected]  If in the Bay Area I will get you started right away, anywhere else in CA we will find the right contact for you.

Also, July 31, today is a key fund raising deadline for this race. If you have a few dollars you can spare, please visit my personal donation page for Chuck DeVore.  Let’s face it, knocking Boxer out of the Senate will have a positive impact on our entire country, this is not just a California issue!

Thank you all for your support and God Bless you.

Jason Scalese