Sierra Club At It Again

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In a posting on The Hill‘s blog, Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope says more offshore drilling will do “nothing to lower gas prices” and bemoans the fact that Americans now “struggle” to fill up their tanks. But since when does the Sierra Club care about high gas prices? The Sierra Club likes higher gas prices.

Here is the same Carl Pope in an op-ed on the Sierra Club’s own website:

Every civilization has its blind spots – ideas so profoundly embedded in the culture that they are rarely even debated, but so fundamentally flawed that they can steer a whole society onto the rocks…Our own folly is cheap fuel.

The sub-headline of the article reads, “We’re better off without cheap gas”

Don’t you feel better off?

Yet instead of celebrating the high gas prices they have always wanted, the Sierra Club is now trying to convince us that they’re really on our side. Sure.

And ask yourself, who benefits from the higher gas prices the Sierra Club and Pope advocate? I’ll let Pope answer: “While Americans struggle to fill up their tanks, oil companies are raking in record profits.”

For those of you who are confused, here is Pope’s’ position in a nutshell: The Sierra Club supports the higher gas prices that have led to the record oil company profits that the Sierra Club now condemns in a blog post bemoaning high gas prices. Got it?

Apparently chutzpah is not an endangered species at the Sierra Club.

Joe Eule

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