Gang of 20 call it a day...for now

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The Hill reports the good news that the “Gang of 20” will not be offering an energy bill before Congress leaves for good this fall. Instead, they will offer a “statement of principals” (sic) on a wide range of energy issues.

According to an aide quoted in the story, the Gang will come back next year with a legislative proposal. Lucky for us if we play our cards right we won’t need an energy bill next year. If the president and pro-exploration members of Congress stick to their guns and refuse to go along with a renewal of the offshore ban (which also locks up oil shale fields in the West), it will simply expire on October 1, allowing access to at least 65% of America’s undiscovered, recoverable oil, and 40% of its natural gas

Given Dick Durbin’s comments the other day and the grim economic news, we now have a better than even chance of ending the ban without new taxes, new subsidies, or new regulations. Republicans in Congress and the president must seize it!

Joe Eule

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