"Though It Be Not Written Down, Yet Forget Not That I Am An Ass."

“Though it Be Not Written Down, Yet Forget Not That I Am An Ass.”

Shakespeare.  Much Ado About Nothing.

Having providentially stumbled across Evan Sayet’s Heritage Foundation Lecture, “How Modern Liberals Think,”  I realized something I should have understood years ago.  I don’t know anything.  

Screenwriter Evan Sayet, once a true New York Liberal, heard his Leftist friends rejoice that America had, on 9-11, finally gotten her “comeuppance.” Horrified, he realized that his liberal friends really do “hate America” like they had claimed for years.  He set off in pursuit of true knowledge and understanding about America and why the Leftists hate their own country.  He immersed himself in books, then conversations with liberal friends to verify what he had discovered.  On this journey, he attained a profound and extended knowledge of what the best conservative minds have had to say, and he isolated the precise intellectual mechanism that drives liberal “mentation,” (to not abuse the word thought.)

I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the joy of hearing Sayet expound on his discovery at the Heritage Foundation site.

I visited Mr. Sayet’s website and found his recommendations for good reading.  Tomorrow I’m off to the library to get Closing of the American Mind, Bush at War, and Why We Fight.  I realized from listening to Mr. Sayet how easy it is to get comfortable in what we already know, or think we know.  He encouraged me to get off the intellectual equivalent of the couch and start listening to the authors who gave him the foundation for his new perspective of America. 

I realized that I assert as true so many things I have not taken the trouble to actually think about or substantiate.  Sayet led me to understand that, if I only hold onto a world view because I wish it to be real, I will be no better than the liberals who refuse to abandon the land of make-believe in which they wish to live.  Books appear to be the path for the journey from Ass-dom to real understanding.  

Thank you to Mr. Sayet, the Heritage Foundation, and the Shelf of new Papyrus Mentors! 

Note to self:  Yet Forget Not That I Am An Ass…until I start reading