"Oh God, That I Were a Man, I Would Eat His Heart in the Marketplace!"

“Oh God, That I Were a Man, I Would Eat His Heart In the Marketplace.” 

Much Ado About Nothing 

William Shakespeare

When I am very angry, I take great solace in yelling these great words of Shakespeare.  And tonight I am angry, so angry at the GOP Representatives for betraying all they promised in 2010.  Though it makes little sense in our age to blame my gender for my inability to do anything today to stop the harm being done to my country,  I will non-the-less borrow the sentiments.  It feels good to quote Shakespeare when one is angry and it provides the children with a cultured way to rail against the injustice in the world.

Do I have to say here, that I mean “Eat His Heart” in a figurative sense and wish, in no way, to provoke the “Unbalanced Tea Party Terrorist Vampires” who lay in wait of someone to cannibalize?

I literally wept on the phone like an imbecile while trying to convince the poor staffer in Lynn Jenkins office that a vote for the Debt Ceiling Bill was a betrayal of all Lynn promised to do and be during the Kansas Election of 2010.  Of course it was of no use at all.  I never thought we would feel the despair of the days on which Obamacare was passed in the House and Senate.  And today I did feel the anger all over again and it was worse because we sent people to Washington to prevent exactly this and they were nothing but traitors. 

You know, I called all my Representatives and Senators.  I admit it here for all the world to see, I called many times.  And, with one exception, none of the people who answered the phones could tell me, at any time during the day, how my Representatives were going to vote.

I was obnoxious.  I would have hung up on me too.  But two and a half years of Obama have used me ill and my sheer agony of being let down by my own party again was so extreme that, for a fleeting second, I actually thought of Ron Paul without the instantaneous urge to vomit.  Gagging is my usual reaction to Ron Paul.  (I do not doubt that he has many good ideas, but his statements concerning US culpability for 9/11, his readiness to abandon Israel,  and his vote to not fund the Holocaust Memorial Museum provoke a visceral reaction I can’t overcome.)

Well then what shall we do?  I am profoundly convinced that Sarah Palin will run and that she will have a massive, massive following.  We will fight for her with a terrible resolve formed by the betrayal we felt today. 

I thank the Heritage Foundation for the concise and simple explanations of the actual effects of the Bill the GOP just rammed through tonight.  The expert told me we lost a battle, but that the war would be fought during the Elections of 2012.  He told me to,  ”Keep My Powder Dry.” 

I will not be eating anyone’s heart.  But I will be there in the Marketplace of the voting booth.  I do hope you will join me.

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