Waking the Washington Zombies, Sarah Fills the Leadership Void. Again.

Yesterday I sat at the computer in anguish watching Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the man who wept tears of determined repentance on Election Night 2010, now lurch through Congress chanting “Imhotep…Imhotep…Get in Step.”   At the head of the Compromise Zombie mob, he searched for the last Conservative House Members not trailing the mummified GOP modus operandi of surrender and spend.

I never thought I would watch this horror flick again, that I would relive the anguish of the Obamaneglect roll-call votes.  Now, in spite of all our common sense conservative rallies, our pounding the pavement for candidates, and in spite of Election 2010, here was Boehner reading, once again, the Book of the Dead; cutting the eyeballs and tongues out of very people we sent to bury the Washington monster, once and for all.

When defeat seemed just hours away, at 4:03 pm, Sarah Palin pushed the “share” button on her Facebook page.  Maybe no one in the House read her comments, maybe they read the comments and rolled their eyes.  We will never know.  Boehner was, it is true, struggling to find those last hold-outs when she spoke.

And yet, the procession halted. 

Once again, at precisely the right moment, Sarah found the only words that seem to wrench politicians out of Zombie-land,  Elections.  Primary Elections.  Most importantly, she shouted the will of “We the Little People” above the droning incantation of politics.  She sounded a wake-up spell from a far-away place called reality.

Boehner might have hypnotized Conservatives with Washington political hieroglyphics, but Sarah reminded the walking dead that they had only recently been elected for this night, and not so they could follow the decaying spectre of Politics as Usual. 

No other voice could be heard at that crucial turning point, at least no voice from those running for President.  It is said that Sarah can’t be elected President because the Republican Leadership hates and won’t work with her.  Once again Sarah’s intervention is the spoiler revealing that, when we all wake up from the current GOP “Leadership” Creature Feature nightmare, we won’t have to worry about them working with Sarah.  We now know how the sequel to ”Boehner the Mummified Speaker” ends.  Primary Elections

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