Understanding Obama, the "Triple A"

Some think Obama is driven by ideology (specifically, liberal ideology). I believe that is incorrect. Liberal ideology is merely the means to his end, which is to enable himself to continue to feast on the adoration and adulation of some substantial segments of the population, even if in total they amount to no more than a substantial minority of the population. You see, first and foremost, Obama is an adoration and adulation addict — what I’ll call a “Triple A”.

That’s why he enjoys himself so much at those rallies.

That is why he is announcing this executive action for illegal immigrants tonight … the night of the Latin Grammys on Univision, which will break from that event to air his speech, and why he’ll be speaking tomorrow in Nevada, the state with the most illegal immigrants per capita.

That’s why he opposes Keystone XL even though he knows there is no rational case for opposition, and he can only serve up lies. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2014/11/20/obamas-claim-that-keystone-crude-would-go-everywhere-else-but-the-united-states/

That’s why he’s trying to fight ISIS just barely enough to avoid total regional catastrophe on his watch and no more, so he can maintain his branding as the noble, smart guy who got us out of wars, as opposed to that supposed cowboy, “stupid stuff” predecessor of his.

Obama isn’t ultimately all about liberalism, at least not as a matter of principle in his mind. Obama is all about Obama.