Michael Steele, Watch your Tounge

I was so dissappointed in RNC Chairman, Michael Steele’s performance on TV this past weekend.  Who’s side are you on, Mr. Steele?…..the Republican National Convention reminded you of Nazi Germany….in what way? 

I can’t believe he said that.!!!!

I recently renewed my membership to the RNC, which I had refused to do under the leadership of Mr. Duncan.  Now, I may have reconsider my actions.  We need leaders who will agressively uphold our principles and values–not agree with the Democrats. 

Then attacking Rush Limbaugh….probably the best supporter and defender Mr. Steele could ever have.  Come on, Mr. Chairman–you must have had your whole brain tied behind your back last weekend. 

We will not win elections by joining the leftest Democrats.  We need to articulate who we are and not allow the left to define our actions or our motives.  We need leaders can be agressive and not defensive!!!!