Welcome to California

Forget the wildfires and the drought, California’s biggest problems are on paper.  California has sunk so low that it did not even make CNBC’s Top States to Live 2015 list.  A deadly combination of ecological destruction and seemingly senseless lawmakers has doomed the west-coast state.  From welfare to immigration, liberal and socialist policies have turned the formerly glamorous state of California into a living hell.

California’s many destructive welfare programs has thrown the state into a 9th worst ranking by the US Bureau of Labor, with a 6.4% unemployment rate.  California is followed closely by fellow liberal states, such as Connecticut (6.0%) and New York (5.7%).

Another glimmering issue in the policy-makers and people of California is their willingness to take away a person’s liberty in the name of “progressiveness”.  Liberty was a treasured right by the founding fathers, who considered it the second most prestigious gift of god.  The same founding fathers would look down in shock and disgust at California, who recently passed a state law making it mandatory for children to be vaccinated.  This great amount of disregard for the religious and the skeptical who believe vaccinations are unnatural or a distrust in god is revolting.  It is almost unbearable to see a party who battle for the right of abortion with arguments like; it is her body, therefore her choice; take away a person’s choice about what to do with their body.

The biggest issues in California are sanctuary cities and gun control.  A sanctuary city refers to a city that ignores federal law and protects illegal aliens from homeland security, even if they have been deported or are former convicts.  California has by far the most, including Fresno, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and San Jose.  With illegal aliens, you do not know who you are letting in.  It could be a good, competent, intelligent person.  Often times, it is an incompetent, uneducated, non-english speaking almost unemployable person, which is shown in California’s high unemployment rate.  Also, these people are taking up the precious resource of water, which is now being ration in California.  Sometimes these people can be extremely dangerous, like a member of one of the many dangerous Salvadoran gangs, a Mexican drug cartel, or even a member of ISIS another terrorist organization.  Many people have been murdered by these kinds of people in sanctuary cities.

Having dangerous people on the streets would be less of a problem if the city has a competent police force and people who can defend themselves, both of which are lacked by many Californian cities.  The police force of San Francisco is led by policemen who disobey the federal government by letting a convicted illegal alien roam the streets, and even after he or she killed somebody, they still stand by their past decisions.  The gun used by this man belonged to a member of the force.  People of California cannot defend themselves because of California’s strict gun control laws.  With incompetent policemen, horrible lawmakers, and almost the entire population of California left defenseless, there is no stopping illegal aliens from murdering innocents and tearing apart our country.

From welfare to immigration, from gun control to basic rights, it seems like California has made every wrong turn.  California is trapping itself and its people with its own destructive policies.  Politicians are considering defunding sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, which would leave many major California cities with less money than water.  If things start to change on the west coast, California might be swallowed up by its own problems.  

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