Perry’s Not A Racist, But Planned Parenthood Was Created To Kill Blacks in the Womb


And some blacks are brainwashed into voting for Democrats. See how far a white Republican candidate gets with either of those last two statements.

Herman Cain as a the Republican Nominee for President presents opportunities that we may never have again.

  1. He is unabashed at speaking straight to the heart of social conservatism.
  2. Yet he is best known for his fiscal strength.
  3. Never have so many from all sides of the spectrum yearned for a non-politician in the White-House – and he is a non-politician.
  4. He is a black Republican
  5. His opponent is a black Democrat

A few months ago, I made the comment that “fiscal only” conservatives only have the luxury of jettisoning the social conservatives, because the social conservatives had gone before them and made the Country safe from tyrants and despots. Thus allowing us all the luxury of having more concern for the cost of fuel to heat our McMansions, than whether or not babies were being slaughtered. Those making the opposite point could not grasp my meaning. They assumed a free Republic sprung naturally from Reagonomics I guess. I don’t blame them. The left has framed the definition of Social conservatism for decades as a meaningless battle to dent the abortion rates and hate gay people.

It is practically impossible to explain to someone who doesn’t understand that the founders defined our freedoms as those given to us by our creator. Nor do they understand that the breadth and depth of our creator is bigger than those “divisive” social issues. Truth, justice, property rights, honoring those who have gone before, selflessness, restraint from violence, fairplay, and logic are all properly tenants of social conservatism.

The liberal mindset instead deals with personal desire, emotive reasoning, and relativism at every level of thought and action.  Without social conservatism there is no basis to explain why something is right and something is wrong.  It’s Ok to give your buddy $500,000,000 in taxpayer dollars for his failed company as long as he gives the proper kickback. It’s OK to totally lie about the outcomes of socialized medicine – as long as government gets bigger. It’s Ok to intimidate people and companies and political opponents with veiled or not so veiled threats – because they don’t count if they don’t donate. If I’m not gonna get the vote of Tea Partiers anyway – what wrong with slandering them as terrorists? I’m Barack Obama – definitely not a social conservative who has to pay any attention to moral considerations. It is only by being devoid of any moral compass whatsoever (and a teleprompter) that Obama can pull off this crap with a straight face.

We have people gathering in every major city who believe that a communist type revolution is in order, and they don’t care if gets bloody.  The movie stars are telling them it’s great, the media are telling them it’s great, the union leaders are telling them it’s great, Obama himself is telling them it’s great. Hopefully we will never find out how close we really are to being ruled by tyrants and despots. But if we do find out, it will be because we have lost the capacity to form a moral (a socially conservative) argument against it.  It’s because we’re supposed to be the good guys and we tell ourselves every 4 years that morality in our leaders means spit. We just got what we asked for.

Perhaps you picked up the ability to think logically without associating it with social conservatism, but that is where it comes from. You could just as easily have learned to think with your emotion. In that world, self-interest is king. Sex is moral because it feels good. You can bemoan the death penalty with one breath and advocate the killing of the rich with the next. You can see the highest black unemployment rates since your great-grandfather was a share-cropper – but still think the Democrats who brought you that unemployment are your saviors.

Try to sit down and explain to an unemployed person why trickle down tax cuts on capital gains are better for them than another 6 months of unemployment checks. The only way you get there is social conservatism.

Try explaining to a 23 year old who has been indoctrinated into liberal mush for the last 18 years that socialism doesn’t work and communism just kills lot of people for no reason.

Try explaining to the average black man that Obama is the real Uncle Tom. Or the average immigrant that their better off if their families are shipped back to Mexico.

You have to tell the truth like Reagan did on a national stage. Yes folks its true, Planned Parenthood was created to kill black babies, and that was before it really got corrupt. No, there aren’t really good faith arguments on both sides of the issue.  Yes, if you think the Democrats have your true best interest in mind – you are brainwashed. Yes you need to laugh your head off when the President rides around on a bus and tells you how important his new jobs bill is, so important and he is so concerned that he will write the bill as soon as his 47th vacation is over. Why – because the President has no morality, he doesn’t speak with a whit of concern for the truth – and that’s the truth.

People in the pro-life movement refer to blacks as the third wave of pro-lifers that will truly put us over the top. All it takes is for them to recognize en-masse what the pro-abortion movement is really all about.  It’s the same with Hispanics who are probably second only to the Irish in terms of Catholic faith. Yet we push them to vote against their faith – because we live in constant fear that a full on argument against abortion would be too divisive to mention in public.

We’ll follow the media’s lead and not bring up in polite company how the concerned President Obama who tells you who your enemies are – gave thousands of guns and bullets to the gangs destroying your homeland.

How can we expect these populations to vote against their apparent self-interest when we have no interest in even making the argument?

It’s great to whip out video’s of Milton Friedman, but you underestimate the degree of moral depravity we are dealing with. You need rudimentary comprehension of economics, or property rights, motivational forces, and the concept of getting what you pay for and working for your pay (reaping what you sow) for Freidman to sink in. If all you learned in high school was that the founders were slave owners then you’re not gonna get it.  If you think money comes from your daddy’s wallet, then you’re not gonna get it.

Typical campaign platitudes and lipstick jokes aren’t going to cut it – we need somebody that can speak truth to bull-****. Herman Cain is acting like he can do that. And to be able to wipe out the “Republican’s are racist’s argument!”  What kind of awesomeness is that! That’s your pixie dust and unicorn farts ready to put in your pipe and smoke.

I’m not saying we have to put blacks and Hispanics and trust fund protestors back into play to win this election, because I think we win it anyway.  But it will be another temporary victory. But if we could take a step towards unification of our people through an unabashed reminder of our shared values, we would be taking a step towards rational thought and away from the tyrants and despots hiding in the bushes.