Call to Boycott the Speech. An Open Letter to President Obama - via - An Open Letter to Congress

Dear Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen,

My open letter to you is that you all sign off on the following open letter to President Obama. The attacks on your constituents have gone to far. This administration is responsible for what it says. When this administration and this DNC  refuses to even mildly challenge the vile speech of their loyalists, they not only provide tacit approval, they solidify the belief that it is top-down strategy. If you haven’t noticed the escalation of false attacks against the tea-party, then you haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t think you have any responsibility to your constituents who belong to the tea party, then we know where you stand. But if you do recognize some din reality that we are all American’s, then please sign onto this letter.



A proud member of the Tea Party and the Republican Party who is tired of being lied about

Dear Mr. President,

As you make final preparations for your speech tomorrow night before the Congress and the American people, we respectfully request that you take the time to condemn the inflammatory rhetoric by those in your administration and your party that has been directed at those Americans who freely associate themselves with the “Tea Party”.  We respectfully inform you that we will not be attending your speech tomorrow night if this condemnation does not occur.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we ask you to reflect on the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America, and the unity of purpose that 9/11 inspired in us all. The ever-declining economy and number of American’s who are suffering as a result, is perhaps our single greatest challenge, and we applaud your willingness to focus on this issue. However, our single greatest responsibility as members of congress is to keep American’s safe from physical harm. And that means all American’s, whether they are tea partiers or socialists, management or labor, black or white, rich or poor – All Americans.  We hope you will recognize that as your primary duty too.

The Iranian government has been holding young American citizens hostage for over a year because they hiked onto Iranian soil. But your administration has never accused the Iranian government of taking our citizens hostage. You have reserved that language for the Tea Partiers – merely because they want to protect themselves and their children from government spending and debt so precarious that it has caused the United States of America to lose our AAA rating.

The Chinese government takes women from their homes forcibly, straps them to operating tables, and kills the growing child inside them against their will. A true act of terrorism, yet the Vice President was clear that he “did not question their one child policy.” He didn’t even question it, let alone call it what it is – terrorism. He has saved that adjective for American’s who freely associate themselves with the Tea Party, merely to escalate the theme that millions of American’s who don’t happen to agree with you  are hostage takers.

The Syrian government, long hostile towards America is slaughtering thousands of their own citizens who are rebelling against oppression, but your administration and those in your party do not consider calling Syria an “enemy,” because of the harshness of that term. Another term so inflammatory it can only be applied to the American Citizens you have sworn a duty to protect.

In Libya, not a country that has been hostile to American, we have been engaged for months in a war that was supposed to last a few days. A war which was supposed to be about protecting the citizens of Libya, but which has become a full fledged war to “take out” Kaddafi.  Still, we don’t say that out loud in public circles. No that level of murderous threat is reserved for the tea party. Mr.  President, with all due respect, you have given the Unions control of GM when the law would have preferred the bondholders. You have exempted the Unions from the law of your signature health care plan, which was supposed to be applied to all Americans. Your administration is trying to force American companies to locate in Union friendly states under no legal basis but union patronage.  Corporations, Cities, States, and entire industries are collapsing under the weight of bloated  union contracts. Yet you refuse to condemn Jimmy Hoffa for stating he was gathering an army to take out the sons of bitches in the tea party? Isn’t the union vote sufficient reward for your favorable treatment?Must you also encourage hatred and violent thoughts towards those Americans who do not agree with you?

You won 95% of the black vote. The black unemployment rate is at 16.7%, the highest it has been in 27 years. Yet over 90% of blacks still support you, and continue to rank your performance higher than any other racial group. It is not for us to say whether this support is based on race or not. But to allow a continuing charge of racism to be levied against the tea party because they lack black membership is so intentionally and disingenuously defamatory, inflammatory, and divisive that it can only pale in comparison to comments such a Hoffa’s or Maxine Waters’ who wishes her fellow American citizens would go straight to hell. How can the tea party be blamed that blacks still support you despite the economic harm your polices have caused them? It is clearly not the tea party that excludes blacks, but the free choice of African Americans to support you.

After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, President John F. Kennedy took responsibility for that failure in the fight against communism with a speech that began as follows:

The President of a great democracy such as ours, and the editors of great newspapers such as yours, owe a common obligation to the people: an obligation to present the facts, to present them with candour, and to present them in perspective. It is with that obligation in mind that I have decided in the last 24 hours to discuss briefly at this time the recent events in Cuba.

We can do nothing about the sometimes duplicitous nature of the media, Mr. President, but we can and must request a higher standard from our Commander in Chief. You lead the United States Military in battles against our enemies, with the primary purpose of protecting all American citizens. You do not lead the AFL-CIO in battle against some of those Americans you are sworn to protect.

We stand in solidarity with the tea party, to request that you present the facts and speak with the candor necessary to fulfill your promise as a unifying force in this country. We are all tea partiers’ now Mr. President and we will work with you 100% to solve America’s problems. But only after you clearly remove your tacit approval of those who would call us terrorists, racists, enemies, and sons of bitches.



The Following Members of the United States Congress