Did we just win?

This pew poll was taken July 20-24. It shows a 15% decrease for Obama in the last two months among independents and a 10% decrease for Obama among all registered voters in the last two months. The dates would certainly seem to include voters initial take on the debt ceiling debate, but not the republican in-fighting of this week.

The question is does this belie the concern that the Presidents and the media’s all out efforts to blame the debt ceiling crisis on Republicans has succeeded even in a small way? The eventual problem with lapdog media is that they  sit in your lap even as the house burns down around you.  The more ridiculous Obama’s arguments have become, the more strained the media’s credibility becomes. If Obama truly just lost 15% of independents in a two month time frame, I suggest that is because he simply can’t fool anybody anymore – no matter how complicit the media is. Threatening social security checks, blaming Bush again, calling tax cuts – “spending in the tax code,” calling tea partiers extreme for wanting the same thing a majority of Americans want. Whatever the tipping point – if he has made 15% of the independents incredulous to everything he says in a two month time span – then isn’t he done?

Hasn’t he become Carter? Even the media cares more about self-preservation than propping up Obama; won’t they abandon him in droves? When Nancy Pelosi must assert that preventing spending cuts is akin to “saving life on this planet as we know it,” isn’t it obvious that fewer people are buying it?

And if the rest is true – doesn’t it mean he is done for good? Can he ever come back from the lack of faith that this poll seems to represent?

And if he is done, then doesn’t that vindicate the strategy to……  HOLD THE LINE!