Time For Our Guys on the Hill to Use Guerrilla Media Tactics

And this is directed at Man of Moeller John Boehner and anybody else the Media cannot avoid giving air too.

It’s like 20 minutes since the smoke stopped coming out my nostrils from the media blaming the Tea Party for the acts of a homicidal maniac, and they strike again so repulsively I don’t even have words, and then they do it again!

1.       CBS reporter gets gang assaulted and raped by 200 men in Egypt’s public square yelling “jew,” “jew, “jew” and CBS covers it up. Doesn’t report it.



2.       Clarence Thomas Protestors asked what should be done with him, replied:

          Put him back in the fields

          Hang him

          String him up

These are 3 different people talking about a black SC justice. Not covered by mainstream media according to Hannity last night.


So my proposal is simple. Our guys that get airtime have to take it to the media, and they have to become the media, reporting stories that the media doesn’t. Look these guys are out to draw and quarter you no matter what, stop playing their game. I only watched one Sunday show this week, “Meet the Press” and not all of that one, but I will use it as an example of what I am talking about.


GREGORY: Recent polling shows more than half of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim; don’t you have some responsibility as the leader of the party to correct this misperception?

BOEHNER (paraphrase):   I believe him, but I can’t tell people what to think.

BOEHNER (my answer):   Wow, I mean I think this is your responsibility isn’t it? You guys are the media, not me. I think you’ve got to own up to this one. Clearly you report that Obama is a Christian, but people do not believe you. I think that’s because the people don’t trust you, and especially don’t trust you when it comes to reporting on these types of issues. CBS’s own reporter gets raped in the public square by 200 Egyptian men as they chant “Jew” “Jew” and CBS doesn’t report the story because it conflicts with their headlines of how peaceful and democratic the protestors are? If you guys keep trying to create the news instead of reporting the news, then the American people aren’t going to trust you on the little things either. A couple of weeks ago many in the media were blaming the tea party for the actions of  homicidal manic, with no evidence at all, regurgiting the baseless racist slurs against the tea party and attributing a killing spree to the use of political analogy by tea party members. Now last week, a video was taken of a protest against Clarence Thomas in Florida, where three separate protestors called for a Black Supreme Court Justice to hung, to be strung up, to be put back in the fields. I haven’t heard any media outcry about actual rhetoric to hang a black man and his wife – but Sarah Palin is guilty for saying she is going to “target” certain officials in a political campaign? Look, the People notice this stuff, maybe not everybody, but lots of people do.  If you want people to believe you, then start telling the truth, but don’t lay it on me.

GREGORY: Your budget proposal only cuts spending from discretionary items, a very small portion of the budget and doesn’t address the majority of the budget, entitlement programs, why are you messing with these little items?

BOEHNER (paraphrase): We will get there, but it’s going to be a longer process.

BOEHNER (my answer):   I don’t think the American people think that saving 100BILLION dollars this year is a small amount, is that what you’re saying?

GREGORY (pretend): Well, it is only a small % of the overall budget…

BOEHNER (my answer):  Look, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a serious budget crisis in your home, but many of the American people have.  Just because your mortgage is 40% of your budget doesn’t mean you go to Mortons and have a steak dinner because that’s only 1% of your budget. That’s insanity. The other thing that the American people told us is that they don’t want huge things to happen fast. I think we saw that with Health Care. If we have to affect entitlement programs that will have a significant impact on many if not all Americans, they don’t want us to come in a few weeks after gaining power and make that kind of change. But they don’t want us to sit on our hands and eat steak either; I think that’s common sense. Finally on this issue, the President refused to address the budget crisis until after his panel completed its work. They finished their report, and it discusses the kind of hard choices you are talking about, but the President completely ignored the report and introduced a budget that continues massive spending and tax increases. He’s got the report, he’s the president, he is supposed to lead, he has has promised he would lead on this issue. If it turns out that report was just a delay tactic so the President could keep eating steak for a year, then we will lead on the tough issues. Make no mistake we will lead.  

GREGORY: How do you think Obama handled the Egyptian situation?

BOEHNER (paraphrase): Obama handled the situation well.

BOEHNER my answer: Overall, I am not going to criticize the President’s handling of the Egyptian situation. First of all, it’s not my job to focus on a rapidly evolving situation like that, so he may have more information than I do. Second, Egypt was not a republic and Mubarak was not an angel, but he did keep radical extremists out of power and he was our ally. I agree with the President that if the people want that freedom, it is their right to demand it. I do wish he would speak up for our interests as well though, and make it known that the people of Egypt must be wary of replacing a dictator with an evil radical Islamist government that will not be our ally. You have to remember, our Republic is founded on a common belief that all men and women have inalienable rights derived from our creator, in Egypt there is no such common belief, large majorities support very abusive practices towards women. I mean what good is democracy if the people approve of 200 men assaulting and raping a woman in public, chanting that she is a Jew. I hope that’s not want they place Mubarak with and I wish the president would make that clear as well.

He wants to support and congratulate them, I think that’s great, but he could have given them some sound advice of things to watch out for too. The other thing is I don’t know how the President picks and chooses which young protestors to support. When the people protested in Iran, who is not our ally, and who seeks the destruction of our allies, the President voiced almost no support for Iranian people. When we had probably double the number of people that protested in Egypt, most of them also young people, and Americans, just a few weeks ago peacefully protesting for the freedom of life for the unborn – the President didn’t congratulate them, encourage them, or admire their convictions.

— — —


Every elected official with air time needs to start doing this. If our guys can’t get a spine and start dealing with the media with honesty, then we are just doomed. I don’t know what it is, are they afraid the media will retaliate? You have to pretend you’re an idiot so the media will like you. Give credence to their garbage story lines? So what – if they keep you off the air they look even more foolish. Is it that Washington Culture is so corrupt they honestly don’t know the people would cheer them wildly if they took a stand? I don’t know what it is – but truth has to make a comeback at some point, it might as well be now.