GOP PROUD: Deviancy Always Destroys the Standard, And Everything Else it Touches

Erick took a side today on the CPAC, GOP Proud issue. He didn’t do so until today, because he wanted to give GOP Proud the benefit of the doubt. Certainly an admirable, conservative, and thoughtful approach. The problem is that history should make clear, those who seek to legitimize deviancy do not do so honorably. Ostensibly, they only want equality, fairness, or justice. Truly, they want to destroy the standard.

While Erick’s statement is the right thing to do, I believe he should ask if attending CPAC at all is a victory for deviancy? Next year maybe they will do things differently …. Really, how many times has deviancy knocked the door off its hinges after first just getting its foot in? If I were making the decision, I would slam the door hard and slam it now. CPAC may only survive if it learns this lesson the hard way.

To see the destruction you have to look at institutions that have already been through the cycle. Take for instance the Catholic Church. In the 60’s the church allowed men who had homosexual “inclinations” to serve in the priesthood. Seemed reasonable, after all, the priest would be celibate and overcoming the homosexual inclination should be no different than overcoming the heterosexual condition. It was a bad decision. You see, they didn’t just want to be priests; they wanted to destroy the priesthood. Within a short period of time whole seminaries and their leadership’s were taken over by a gay culture not at all interested in the Church’s teaching on celibacy. Some seminaries could aptly be compared to bathhouses. So what do think happened to the heterosexual priests? Well, at first they were simply chased out of those seminaries if they wouldn’t participate in the culture. But as the hierarchy was built up, in these seminaries they were prevented from even starting.  Pious young men filled with the Holy Spirit and faithful to Church teaching were turned away because “they had psychological problems, or they were repressed” if they agreed with church teaching on sexual morality. The ranks of priests were thinned, and many who remained had gone through their training living a lifestyle devoid of sexual restraint. Surprise, surprise they started abusing their parishioners.

The widespread public sentiment was that the problem was not allowing priests to marry. That would be the solution. That would have destroyed the priesthood. Luckily the Catholic Church is one institution that is not governed by public opinion and so the priesthood survives, weakened for sure, but alive and improving every day since the Church’s misguided tolerance has been largely corrected.

But look at another Church, not so lucky. The United Church of Christ. My grandparents church, my mother’s church, and my church as a child. Now Barack Obama’s Church before he stopped going to church. In the 1990’s they began with all inclusive language changes. In this century they have embraced a goal of promoting gay marriage, they approve of abortion on demand, and their by-laws have been altered to make it so that they don’t really believe in anything with conviction. My mother has tried to fight the changes. She and the other “old –timers” were all accused of the same bigotry and hatred that GOP Proud now accuses conservatives of. The rules were secretly changed to prevent votes; the foundational savings of many generations were raided to fund the new ideology. You can go to that Church now on any given weekend, and hear an avowed “secular humanist” do the bible readings.

Look at the history of this movement. Homosexuality was not a psychological condition, they lobbied it was normal, it was genetic. Despite the facts that nearly every instance of sexual deviancy could be traced to abuse or other deviancy within the home, we said OK – it must be genetic.

Now it’s Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender persona’s which we must accept as normal. They haven’t succeeded with normalizing pedophilia yet, but they keep trying. We wondered how one has a bi-sexual gene, or a transgender gene. So the “gene” argument has been largely abandoned for these other issues, it’s all about tolerance. Ok we said, we all want to be tolerant. Now a confused 12 year old boy, who wants to wear a dress, will have a hard time finding a therapist who can address whatever the underlying issues may be. If his parents are “enlightened,” he will be a she before its 13th birthday.

It is discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry if we can’t marry they said. We’ll wait a minute, we say, that’s not discrimination. No one is preventing you from getting married, you don’t want to get married, you want to change what being married means? But some have already said we don’t want to be bigots, we are tolerant – go ahead and get married. More will follow, and the push will not stop, ever.

They will win, unless our strategy changes. The topic came up recently on a post as to how many schools have implemented Planned Parenthoods’ sex education program. The one endorsed by Obama. The one where first graders must learn all about the different types of sexuality and sexual positions and learn that “girls don’t have to have babies if they don’t want to.” I don’t know how many schools teach this, but they all will, unless we change our strategy.

Maybe we thought we were being tolerant when we allowed some of this to start. Maybe we just didn’t want to be branded. But we now live in a country where entire charitable organizations helping thousands of women, children, and families have been forced to shut their doors in the name of tolerance. We live in a country where real people every day are seriously harmed in the name of tolerance. We don’t think we’ve gone far enough to approve of pedophilia in the name of tolerance, but the Planned Parenthood sting has just demonstrated hundreds of millions of our tax dollars going to an organization willing to facilitate the child sex-slave business, and Congressmen and women are defending them.

Deviancy is deviancy and it seeks to destroy whatever standard it deviates from, and then to encourage further and further deviancy. We don’t have to hate those with deviant tendencies. We don’t have to exclude those with deviant tendencies. We all have our own defects and deviancies. That is the nature of man. The difference is that we do not seek to glorify our defects and force others to adopt them as righteous. That is the nature of evil. And it will not change its nature,  no matter how gracious we are or how often we give it the benefit of the doubt.

We don’t seek perfect adherence with our conservative values, religious beliefs, or lifestyles. That is contrary to the free will of men and women.  But we also don’t sponsor those who directly advocate against those values, for that is servile and scraping and against the natural law.

We should know this by now, yet, but for GOP Proud’s going off script and stating their true feelings a bit too early, many of us would have been content to just let this little issue slide. 

Many of us are saying, no – we’d better not focus on these divisive issues, the economy is more important. Give the deviants another 4 years to push their agenda. It won’t be my little girl demonstrating proper fellatio techniques in front of the class, so I am going to focus on fiscal issues so my little girl can watch a 55 inch 3d TV next year.

We’ll clean up CPAC next year…

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