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I am trying to craft a timeline of proofs of PP’s most significant wrongdoing to provide others with ammunition so that this latest sin is their last. I just only have so much time, less than I’ve spent already actually. So if you know I am missing anything major, or have other ideas to improve the document, please post a comment.




In the last several days, shocking new video evidence of Planned Parenthood’s Complicity in the sexual slavery of underage girls has been released. In other words, our money is being distributed by our government to an organization willing to assist in the cover up of sexual slavery of young girls. This has led to an immediate and all out push to get Congress to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

In May 2010, the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on federal funding of organizations that perform abortions.  The report found that from 2002-2009, pro-abortion groups spent over one billion dollars from the federal government. Planned Parenthood alone received $657.1 million in federal grants and contracts over the course of seven years.



Planned Parenthood trots out the same two arguments it always does when it gets caught.

1.       These are isolated rouge employees and not official policy of Planned Parenthood, or a systemic problem.


2.       We don’t use tax dollars for abortion; we use tax dollars for the other medical care and the information and services we provide, which women might not be able to receive if it weren’t for us.



Please take a minute to review the following and decide for yourself if Planned Parenthood has a few rouge employees, or a systemic concerted effort to promote abortion at all cost, even when it means lying, covering up rape and abuse, supporting racists seeking the deaths of black babies, and now facilitating the sexual slavery of children.

The video and audio evidence described in the following summary of Planned Parenthood’s long history of “isolated incidents” can be found at   http://exposeplannedparenthood.com/.  

January, 2011: Planned Parenthood manager in NJ, conspires with investigators posing as sex traffickers managing 14-15 year old sex slaves. The manager advises on how to get abortions for the minor sex slaves, how to lie about their age, how to circumvent reporting requirements, and even how to use the girls in the sex trade while they are recovering. Manager also agrees to help get past the nosey nurse practitioner in exchange for bribes. Manager also provides a readymade handout listing another abortion provider who doesnt follow reporting guidelines.

January, 2011: A second Planned Parenthood manager, this one in Virginia also conspires with investigators posing as sex traffickers to acquire abortions for underage sex slaves.

2010: Several Planned Parenthoods accept financial donations specifically designated to abort black babies because the caller wanted to reduce the number of black people. Some PP employees agreed with that purpose, none expressed outrage or refused the donations.

September 2009: Multiple Planned Parenthood employees and doctors tell numerous lies to sell abortions to undercover investigators. They lie about when the heart starts to beat, about the relative complications of abortion versus having the baby, about pro-life materials being “Fake” and pressure the investigators to have their abortions now, when it more safe and less costly.

June 24, 2008: A Bloomington Indiana Planned Parenthood employee coaches an investigator posing as 13 year old girl impregnated by 31 year old man to lie about the father’s age, and cover up felony statutory rape. Discovery of statutory rape must be reported in Indiana.

June 24, 2008: The scenario is duplicated in Indianapolis where two Planned Parenthood employees coach an investigator posing as 13 year old girl impregnated by 31 year old man to cover up felony statutory rape and get an abortion in a state that doesn’t have parental consent laws.  

July 7, 2008: The scenario is duplicated in Arizona where a Planned Parenthood employee coaches an investigator posing as 15 year old girl impregnated by 27 year old man to cover up felony statutory rape and get around parental consent laws. Discovery of statutory rape must be reported in Arizona.

1998 – 2009: Six lawsuits filed against Planned Parenthood for failing to report rape and sexual abuse of minors, allowing the rapist to continue to abuse the children. The cases were in Santa Clara CA, San Francisco CA, Phoenix AR, West Hartford CT, 2 in Cincinnati OH.


2.       We don’t use tax dollars for abortion; we use tax dollars for the other medical care and the information and services we provide, which women might not be able to receive if it weren’t for us.


On its face this argument has a logical appeal, but one that is quickly disproved upon reflection.  The operation of every household, company, organization, and country requires money to cover its expenses and provide it’s services. Any money it receives assists in every aspect of its operations, no matter what particular item the money is spent on. The more money it has, the more services it can provide.

Assume that a given Planned Parenthood needs $100.00 to stay in business. It cost $20.00 to pay the rent and utilities, it costs $20.00 to perform non abortion services, it cost $20.00 to cover website advertising and political donations, and it costs $40.00 to perform abortion services. The PP brings in $60.00 and receives $40.00 from us, the taxpayers through the US Government. It uses the $40.00 from us to pay for rent and non-abortion services. It uses the $60.00 it makes to cover the other expenses, including abortions.

Quite simply, in the example, PP could not stay in business except for the money it gets from the government.  So the money, no matter what it is spent on – results in and supports the abortion business. It is also not an argument that they could still provide abortions; they would simply cost more if the government were not financing Planned Parenthood.  In fact this argument disproves the whole. If the price of abortions were higher, fewer women would get them (supply and demand) and the argument that federal dollars serve to lower the price of abortions, is an admission that our tax dollars result in more abortions.

BUT with Planned Parenthood it goes much deeper than the logical flaws in the argument.

Planned Parenthood performs more abortions than any other organization in the world. Abortion is their most profitable service and their largest source of income. Planned Parenthood may not spend federal dollars on actual abortions, but they certainly spend federal dollars on their marketing campaign to promote abortions at the earliest stages of childhood. And they spend federal dollars electing pro-abortion politicians.

As to the latter, with a combined total of over $1,000,000.00, Planned Parenthood was the largest pro-choice donor to federal candidates and committees,  and the largest pro-choice spender on lobbyists.


As to former, in 2008 now President Obama gave a speech to Planned Parenthood where he stated his support for “providing medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education and professional training in our communities across the country.” This language is taken directly from Planned Parenthood materials and can be found on their website. The language is not as ambiguous as it sounds, but it is further clarified with some detail in a section called “What children need to know and when they need to know it”:


Here is some of what they believe children less than 5 years old need to know, and you can safely assume it only gets worse from there:

§  touching their sex organs for pleasure is normal

§  a woman does not have to have a baby unless she wants to


So, while taxpayer dollars may not fund the actual abortion, there is no prohibition against those dollars going back to politicians like Barak Obama who can then advocate that your children (in the schools you also pay for with your tax dollars) can begin accepting abortion indoctrination at age 5. Nor is there any prohibition against Planned Parenthood spending those tax dollars on developing and implementing such programs to indoctrinate your 5 year old into the idea that casual sex is normal and healthy and the consequences of casual sex can be easily elimated.

What can be done?

Both sides of the isle are paying lip service to the need to cut spending. The Republican’s actually promised to cut $100 billion from the budget, but haven’t yet come up with $100 billion to cut. Suggest a good place where they can cut a few hundred million.

Will your representative justify continuing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of our money into an organization that is willing to support (among other evils) the sexual slavery of 13 and 14 year old girls? Just so it can make a buck for aborting their babies?

Will your local and national media outlets ignore the story, or recite the PP talking points?

If they refuse to vote to defund Planned Parenthood, or refuse to cover the story, you might ask your them if they have daughters. You might also ask them at what point, they themselves become complicit in the exploitation of young girls. You might ask them –

What would it actually take for them to stop looking the other way?

If you’re willing to take that step, why not ask the same questions of the companies you support with purchases who also support Planned Parenthood, such as Nike, Marriot, and ebay? Or the charities that you donate to who then support Planned Parenthood, like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Girl Scouts, Rotary International, and the Ronald McDonald house?

http://www.fightpp.org/  (complete lists available)

Defund Planned Parenthood Now.