Koran’s will burn becuase of one man. B. Hussein Obama.

It has been 9 years since 9/11. One event 9 years ago that killed over 3000 Americans and did not result in Koran burning. 8 anniversarys of that day did not result in Koran burning. One mosque being built at ground zero that did not result in Koran burning. But, then, one American President defended that Mosque in right and morality and told every American whose sensitivites are affected that they are religous bigots.

That act by my President will result in Koran burning. One American President failing to show even a modicum of unity with the people he purports to lead, will result in Koran burning. I would burn one myself but I’d rather not support the Koran publishing company. Not burn one to attack that iconic religion of peace known as Islam. But as a tangible yet peaceful symbol that I have no respect for my President.

My President who sends every minon to intimidate and call one (perhaps misguided) Christian pastor names, but is silent as flags and bibles are burned, and Christian churches in Gaza are destroyed. Is silent, as the leaders of the religion of peace threaten American lives while those flags, and bibles, and churches burn without fear of reprisal.

If murderers murder American’s because Korans are burned, and Korans are burned becuase of my President, then my President must take responsibility for those deaths.

Unfortunately, my President is wrong. If murderer’s murder, it is because they are murderers. Not because of Koran’s burning. And so my President will not be to blame for the acts of murderers any more than a pastor in Florida – or any more than a wife who is beaten because she didn’t get the clothes folded on time, or a woman is raped becuase she wore a tight skirt, or a driver who is shot becuase he looked at some gang-banger the wrong way.  

But war, war is different than murder or terrorism. Countries go to war, and countries are led by men. If my President fails to appreciate that tacit approval of American’s being murdered because of a percieved insult to the religion of peace. IF HE CONTINUES TO PRETEND THAT MURDER IS AN ACCEPTABLE CONSEQUENCE TO FREEDOM – THEN MURDERERS WILL MURDER MORE AND MORE MURDER WILL LEAD TO MORE MURDER AND A TIPPING POINT WILL BE REACHED WHERE MORE MURDER WILL LEAD TO WAR. Enough will be enough at some point.

And when enough becomes enough, – those deaths, – caused by that war, – will be the full and total responsibility of my President.