The Obama Test Balloon: If Soto Statement is True then Racism is the Endgame

After reading this post by Mike gamecock Devine, I was thinking about the statements and its implications.

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

We have seen political correctness on the race issue evolve. Is overt racism the endgame? A bit too cynical perhaps, but food for thought if nothing else.

Consider that simply not discriminating on the basis of race is the standard by which we should judge all such transactions. How far have we deviated from that standard?

Consider that ½ a century or so ago, liberals tacitly and legally approved of the notion that preference for minorities was acceptable as a means to correct the present impact of past discrimination. In other words, the disparate treatment of minorities in the past made it difficult to create a level playing field without some temporary reverse discrimination. Even many non-liberals would agree with the logic of this argument, assuming a temporary preference for minorities to level the playing field a bit.

Decades ago the liberals pushed a new form of affirmative action whereby Diversity of Race was a goal in forming communities. An inherent value was attributed to diversity that didn’t really exist. Thereby universities and employers should consider diversity as a goal in filing their rosters. Here, while there may be some modest benefit to diverse communities, the importance given to this new moral imperative was grossly disproportionate to its rationale, or logical underpinnings. For decades liberals have been indoctrinating society through higher education, takeover of corporate responsibility departments, hollwyood production, and media complicity into believing that failure to achieve diversity is akin to rape and murder. During this time the community goal of diversity has gradually justified increasingly disparate impact on non-minorities. In the beginning diversity may be the deciding factor for two equally footed prospects. Gradually, the minority would achieve a minority bonus so that he or she could overcome even those non-minorities who were objectively superior to them.

But the natural evolution from the non-discrimination standard, to the corrective standard, to the community benefit standard, must lead us to the superior race standard which could be what we are now embarking upon.

Consider Roland Burris. It was made to appear racist to question Burris on his non-race related weaknesses, such as participation in scandal. It was sworn that no appointee from the corrupt governor would be seated by the Democratic controlled Senate. However, because Burris was a minority, any objective reason for refusing to seat him had to be overlooked. In that regard Burris proves that on the criteria of race, he was superior to any white man who would have been roundly rejected.

Now if we consider Obama’s statement that he wants a judge with “empathy” and we consider Soto’s great weakness, her racism. We see that it is not just that it is considered racist to question the racist statements of Soto because of her race. That is part of it of course, just like Burris, Soto’s sins must be forgiven because of her race. But it is more than that. It is because minorities are actually superior to White’s just as Soto puts forth. What if her statement is a strength to liberals instead of a liability? The rhetoric of diversity has evolved and minorities should be understood to be superior to Whites. Why? They have empathy that a White man simply cannot understand. What if Obama believes Soto’s statement not to be racist, but to be true. It could be that he knew the statement was there all along and that this whole national dialogue is a designed test balloon to shift to radical racism against Whites.

Why suddenly is empathy a qualification for a justice of the SC of the US? Empathy is to a person what diversity is to a community. A community is superior if it is diverse. A person is superior if he or she has empathy. Empathy defined as being a minority that is. For only a minority, as Soto points out, can have true empathy.

One might also ask why the justice department just dropped the charges against the Black Panthers who were intimidating voters during the election. Perhaps the White voters shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the first place. Isn’t empathy a requisite for informed voting? Weren’t the Panthers merely purifying the voting process?

We are now at real racism, not just corrective quotas or false benefits of diversity – but real honest to goodness belief that minorities are superior because of the color of their skin. If you think about it, this is the only way that racism can come full circle. Whites must be viewed as inferior to minorities.

Now even though this new racism is based on race, it is also based on ideology, so that it will be palatable to the liberal white male. The characteristics that make one superior are 1) being a minority, and 2) holding liberal beliefs. Liberals believe that if you have 1 and 2, you are superior to whites. If you have only 2 of course you are also superior, but not if you only have 1. When Soto says she will make better decisions than white males, it is implied that she means “conservative white males” and not liberal white males. Why? Because liberal white males who live in diverse communities and understand the inherent virtue in being empathetic are almost as superior as minorities who understand the inherent virtue in being empathetic. And liberal white males have their own bonus. You see it is liberal white males who have concocted most of this rubbish and therefore they can at least feel superior in that it is their wish that is being carried out. They can also feel superior in that the whole thing cannot be accomplished without their assistance. Further, the liberal white male who allows him to be degraded because of his white maleness, has that grand superiority of false humility. Which is, put another way – supreme empathy.

So it may be necessary to eliminate white males from power positions BECUASE they are white males. A truly cynical person might point out that there is only one remaining step in the circle of racism for Whites to have experienced all the worst that minorities have had to endure. The good news is that I am confident that a few generations as slaves would give us the requisite empathy to be on equal footing with minorities.